Topic: Donor 178 & 121L

Hello:) Has anyone had luck with either donor 178 or 121L. We have narrowed down our search to these two donors and just curious if anyone else has success stories with either of these donors.

Good luck to all:)

Re: Donor 178 & 121L

Used 121L for a few months and got I BFPs, but we switched donors and eventually did but miscarried
1/2011 thru 9/2011 = 5 BFNs, 6th -10/22/2011 BFP-ending in misscarriage at 10 wks


Re: Donor 178 & 121L

Has anyone recently used 121L?

Re: Donor 178 & 121L

Looking for vials of 121L; do you have any left I could purchase?