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Topic: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

I am wondering how accurate dollar tree preg tests are?

Does it usually take longer - closer to missed period to get accurate results?

I am about 4 to 5 days before missed period today, and am getting BFN (bummed)...

I will probably get a different test in a few days....  but tried these first just to see...

I have had cramps every day for the past 6 days or so,,, I NEVER get cramps until the day of af.... No spotting at all though.


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Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

I used them my first pregnancy and they were lighter than first response so I'm thinking you might need more hcg in your system than you would need with first response.

Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

The "New Choice" brand test sold at Dollar Tree measure 25 Miu of HCG as a positive. There is a website that "tests" pregnancy tests (it is called Pee on a Stick.com or something like that)   lol   New Choice is considered a great deal for the price.   

As far as earlier detection, First Response Early Result is supposed to trigger a line at 12.5 Miu.  It is the most sensitive over the counter pregnancy test.

Equate brand at walmart, also 25 Miu

Clearblue digital 25-50 Miu

Clearblue Easy two line test 50 Miu

Clearblue Easy earliest result 25 Miu

EPT with two lines 50 Miu

EPT with + or -  25 Miu

Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

My daughter is 13 wks pregnant and dollar tree tests show bfn for her. It may depend on the person too.  She got bfp on clear blue easy right away.

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Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

Our Dollar Store tests were very faint at 14dpo.

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Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

My dollar tree test actually gave me what I THOUGHT was an evap line after 10 minutes. When I looked at it it wasn't pink or blue or whatever color (I don't remember), it was like sort of an "off white". After I got that I ran out to get a clearblue easy and got a positive the following morning with first morning urine. So either I just had a bad one or it was still too early.


Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

I tested with the Dollar Tree tests on the day of the missed period, and it was positive - much fainter than the FRER that I also took that day, but a noticably positive result. 

You are testing too early to rely on the Dollar Tree tests, in my opinion.  You still have time.

Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

I PMed you but will post here too. I used a Dollar General test at 14 dpi. So, I don't know about Dollar Tree tests. I would use FRERS if I was testing early, but they are expensive! The benefit of getting a negative on a less sensitive test, though, is there is more room to still hope!


Re: How accurate are dollar tree preg tests?

So far, it's pretty accurate. My OBGYN advised me to go to Dollar Tree and purchase tests because they are more sensitive (25mIU) than some expensive tests. They look the same as the ones used by my OBGYN's office too! I bought several from the store and took all of them, each one said I am pregnant.