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So, I am officially going CRAZY in the TWW. Today was 6 dpiui. I have been writing my symptoms each day. Thought I'd share and see if any of you guys have had similar, or can at least offer some hope. :-) If some of this is TMI, just read over it. Ha! Our plan is to do a HPT on Saturday morning, which will be 6 days before AF should arrive, and when the test says it "can" show a BFP.

Thursday 0 dpiui---cramping, headache.

Friday 1dpiui--on feet all day at work. Didn't noticed cramping until I sat down. Headache. Nips brighter than usual (pink)

Saturday 2 dpiui--cramping, no headache. hiccups several times. Nips brighter than usual (pink). frequent urination

Sunday 3 dpiui--cramping, not as noticeable. hiccups several times. frequent urination.

Monday 4 dpiui--very little cramping, mainly when I stood up for prolonged periods. bbs tender when not supported. Hiccups several times. moody. tingling on tongue. funny (slight metal) taste in mouth, not measurable. frequent urination.

Tuesday 5 dpiui--headache in the night. woke before alarm (highly unusual). abdomen pain/tender, crampy, tightness in abdomen, tingling tongue, pimple on right side of face near chin. vein on right breast noticeable. labia darker. indigestion at night, worse when horizontal. frequent urination.

Wednesday 6 dpiui--woke before alarm. abdomen tightness later in the day. mouth ulcer. very tired. frequent urination. Notice urine goes in funny direction when I pee--happened over weekend many times. indigestion at night. very sore bbs.

Good luck to you fellow TWW'ers!!

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I've also been waking up before my alarms, which is completely abnormal for me. I had the 5 DPI cramping, too (and it continued to 7 DPI) which is also not usual for me. Like I said in another thread, there must be SOMETHING in the air because I'm totally with you - this is the worst, most crazy-making TWW I've had in a LONG time!

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It worked! Two clomid cycles and two IUI's with injectables all BFN, on to IVF! 3dt of 2 perfect embryos on 12/15/14, BFP 7dp3dt!

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I hope your symptoms result in a BFP!!! I am on Day 9 past IUI, and I don't really feel anything. Who knows what that means! Good luck and hang in there!

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I had an AF like backache, very noticeable from 5 dpo through and beyond the tww in both if my bfp cycles so that cramping could be a very good sign.

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Thanks guys!! I am SO hopeful for a BFP!! I'm looking forward to the weekend more than ever, because we can test!

BTW, when I brushed my teeth this am, I noticed the bled just a bit. It's happened before, but not frequent at all. Hoping that's another + sign!!