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I conceived the twins smile It wasn't in my mind at all and then all of a sudden it hit me smile

What a seven years it has been big_smile

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*like* too smile

It will be 4 yrs for us next month and 4.5 years since we started TTC.  And sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday.


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So cool!

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Ahhh...I will never forget those adorable overall photos....I can't believe they are 7.;10750;443/st/20110610/n/Emerson+Jane/dt/-1/k/84fa/age.png;10600;103/st/20080201/n/Jackson/k/7672/age.png

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Happy Anniversary!!  Mine is July 7th.
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WOW.  They are the first baby pics I remember when joining the boards in 2006.

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