Topic: I'm afraid Kate has middle child syndrome!

Is this possible for an only child who spends 50 hours a week with 2 other kids - 2 sisters, one older and one younger?  I've just realized she has started to display some characteristics that I'd say are indicitive of middle children.  Thoughts???

Re: I'm afraid Kate has middle child syndrome!

well, if you think about it, children are awake roughly 10-12 hours out of a day.  fifty hours is a good chunk of her time spent awake, so it seems totally feasible that she would have middle child syndrome.  nannying is such an intimate style of caretaking that it really mimics mothering, so she sees you being like a second mother to A and L and she sees "the middle" as her place in the scheme of things.  i'm no expert, nor do i have any personal experience with this, but it seems likely to me. 

now i'm curious what traits you're referring to.  i'm just picturing jan on the brady bunch going "marsha marsha marsha."

Re: I'm afraid Kate has middle child syndrome!

One of the reasons we liked having Darling around for E was that we could hopefully avoid some of the oldest child traits. It seemed to work in some ways...  and then with the little dude around now she's not having an only child or youngest experience..  We're hopeful that it will help her be more well rounded.. but it's all just hypothetical and trying things out.  There's nothing to say it will work or be good or anything.  We're probably just justifying what is necessary for us right now. 

I think, however, that an important thing to remember is that while she does have the experience of being a middle child, she also has the experience of being an only, and having you for just her.  I'm curious, does she show "middle child traits" when it's just the two of you? or only when A and L are around?  It may be that that's her role at work and so she fulfills it, but at home she doesn't need to.  If it's something you don't like, perhaps you can work on actions, words, thoughts, etc, being different at home than when you are at work.

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Yeah, my first thought was along the lines of babybaby .... 50 hour per week is pretty substantial in K's world.