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My niece texted me a photo of my sister laughing so hard tears were coming down her face and told me to call to ask about "The Story."  So the next morning, I called and asked what happened.  Well, my niece's family, my family, and my niece's new boyfriend hung out together yesterday at a local fair.  After the fair, they all went camping for a few days.  While they were sitting around the fire, my sister casually asked the new boyfriend if my niece had explained why I have two children and no husband.  He said no, and before my sister could start to explain, my niece insisted on explaining it.

Absolutely dead-panned she told this story about how I had been dating a military man and got pregnant with Justin.  He had to go overseas to fight, and eventually died in battle . . . fighting the Nazis.  So the guy is taking this all in like she's serious, and my sister is laughing so hard she's doubled up on the ground ready to pee herself.  The story had so many flaws (how did I conceive Juliet after my boyfriend died? how could I have dated a guy in the 1940's when I'm 39?) but he was so perplexed by the fact that my sister was laughing about my boyfriend dying that I think he missed a few important details.  And the worst part is that my niece has a concussion that is causing some short-term memory loss, so there was a little bit of time when they couldn't quite figure out if she was joking around or actually believing that this was how it happened.  Oh, boy!

My sister did finally straighten him out on how I have two kids after she finally stopped laughing.   I'm going to have to ask my niece how she concocted such a story, although part of it may be loosely based on my dad and his parents (my grandparents were married before my grandfather's basic training, and my grandmother got pregnant while visiting him on a 3-day leave, he did go to Great Britain and was a POW in Germany for 11 months but he came home alive).  Hopefully she just has a very active imagination and sense of humor and isn't embarrassed to talk about sperm donors!

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LOL!  That is hilarious!
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LOL!!! too funny!;35;33/st/20100414/n/Sydnee+Marie/dt/-3/k/8cf0/age.png;10600;31/st/20130604/n/Luca/dt/-3/k/b83f/age.png
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Haha, funny!  Your niece's boyfriend reminds me of a student I had last year who SWORE that her grandfather fought Nazis in Vietnam. wink

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That is so funny!!!!!

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