Topic: We have a tooth!

I don't post too much anymore here, lifes busy, but just wabnted to share that at 10 months and 24 days Ivy finally broke her first tooth the other day.  For anyone else with late teethers, it's totally normal!  She fell right in between my older two, who were 10 months 15 days, and 11 months 3 days for their firsts.  WIll post a real update one of these days (for 11 months!) when I don't have a wee one nursing and trying to help me type.

Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013.  6th baby, so much love!

Re: We have a tooth!

Its so crazy how all babes are different! I saw one little one at eight months have 6 or 8 teeth and then at 11 months we are working on 6! Crazy how everyone is so different! You would think that is a life long trend!!!

Our worlds collided and together we've been blessed with perfection!