Topic: My BFP info...

I know I found it helpful to read these posts while TTC so I hope this can help someone too.

What I did leading up to trying...
Read lots of posts on here.
Tracked cycles and ovulation symptoms on the mymonthlycycles website.
Healthy eating
No alcohol or caffeine for three months before trying.
Went off birth control a year before trying.  Birth control can affect CM for a year after going off it.
Took half a dose of liquid Vitex 3 - 4 months before trying.

Used the cheap OPKs from amazon and then confirmed the positive on CD 21 with a Smiley. I knew it would be positive as that always happens when CM turns clear and watery and lots of it.
I inseminated using just a syringe at 0 and 12 hours.
The first insem, at first positive, I O'd right after and left syringe in for about an hour... no leakage at all! Went to sleep for the night after that.
The next vial, I used the next morning at 12 hours past first positive. I spilled half the vial and did not O afterwards - still left syringe in for a bit.
Both insems, I used preseed in the syringe first and last with sperm in the middle.

Got a BFP at 10 dpo the day before my birthday! My only TWW symptom was hives all over for a few days before bfp.
Due date is 5/11/2013. :-)

Re: My BFP info...

Thank you! Congrats!!!!

Us: Together since '07, engaged '09, married '11. Trying to start a family since '09. 1 BFN.
Me: Child dev. degree, nanny to 5 for 5.5yrs, digital print artist, portrait photographer.
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