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Topic: Donor height

Did anyone purposely select their donor based on height (as one of many criteria)? I am just under 5ft tall, and although I am an anomaly in my family (everyone is 5'2" and up) I worry that our son is leaning toward me on the height side.

He is growing right now, as suddenly his 4t pants are looking short and thats what made me think of this post. He is about 43inches. His donor is 6'4" , but also an anomaly in his family as he is the tallest.

Jack is decidedly average in his height, down the 50th percentile, so not short, but amongst his peers he does look smaller. He was such an enormous baby, and with a large donor I was hoping to give him the gift of being a tall man....the donor had a small/medium bone structure also. At this age I know that kids generally slim out of their baby look so maybe that is what I am responding to.

What about your kids?



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I kinda did. the men in my family (my father, uncles, brother) are "average" in height - 5'10" ish. I chose a donor around the same height and my son has been in the 95+% in height since birth. I'm 5'4" in shoes!

I wasn't too picky about height (there were other factors that were priority), but I didn't want a 6'6" donor, if I could avoid it smile

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Not exactly, but we didn't want a donor that was shorter than we are (5'7").


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I'm 5'3, with shoes on. Most of my biological family is short. DP is like 5'8 so I consider her tall. Her family is pretty tall as well. We chose a taller donor for Bronx, I think 6'1. Bronx has always been pretty short for his age though, but all of that can change when he gets older. I was always above average for height until I hit middle school and then I pretty much stopped getting taller, lol. I don't even remember the height of the new baby's donor, but I'm sure we chose one around the same height as B's.

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Yup and Yup.  Chose a tall donor still have a short kid!

I am 5'2" as are all of the women in my family.  I chose a 6 foot donor but the women in his family are all between 5'2" and 5'4".  I don't know how tall Kate is right now but she is close in size to the kids that are about 1 year younger than her (maybe 37 inches at 4?  I need to look at her last appt!  She weighs 30 pounds).

I am pretty sure that I was even smaller than she was as a kid and my Dad is 5'11" so maybe the females just have dominant genes. 

I am glad she's a girl though, I think height is much more of an issue for boys.


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We did not choose a donor based on height.  Both our families heights are all over the place so we never thought much of it.  Our kids are all tall for their age but they have been pretty much following our growth patterns as kids so they are likely to slow way down by age 6....A already has.  They did all get our donor's smaller bone structure and are extremely lightweight like he is, but we'll see what happens when they slow down on growing a bit out of toddlerhood.

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We did choose height as one of our priorities. H is only 5'1", so we wanted to make up for that if we could.
E is tall for her age. She is 2.5 and more than 37 inches, everyone assumes she is 3.5, especially as she potty trained early and is super outgoing and social.
We'll see if she stays tall. I hope so, the women on my side of the family are very tall, I am one of the shorter ones at 5'9".


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i did choose based on height.  it's was a top criteria.  he had to be over 6'0.  i'm tall, 5'10 and my DH is 6'0.  i'm hoping to pass that on.

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We chose based on height.  Donor is over 6'0.  We are both short & wanted our child to be taller than us.

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Re: Donor height

When I was searching I specifically looked for a donor that was 5'11" or over. I'm about 5'6" or so and wanted my kids to be of an average height. Very happy with my current donor's height.

The very first donor I used when I started TTC was 6'4". I look back on that now and realize how tall that is!! I know there was (maybe still is) a donor that's 6'7". That is HUGE!


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That was one of the top 2 criteria we wanted a child to be as similar to DH as We could and he is 6'4" and lg frame so after race those were our top 2.
He is 95 percentile for height and 30in at 7 mo.

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We chose by height, but didn't bother to read that the donor was a late bloomer and so was I. so our son is tiny. He is in th 10%ile for his age.  he will grow but I then I will be late like both the donor and myself. Since he was 10.1 at birth 21.6 inches and 2 weeks early. I assimed he would be a giant. He is our LIL dude with the biggest heart.


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Donor hieght was one of the first things we looked at.  I am only 5'4, Tim is 6'4, and our 4 older kids are all on the tall side as well.  We chose a 6'3 donor because we wanted Tiny to have the same possibility of being tall like her siblings.  As you can tell perhaps by her nickname, genetics did NOT work that way, and she is decidedly like the females on my side of the family, rocking the charts in the 1-5% for size.  At 16 mnths she's 28 inches tall and 22 pounds, still wears a size 3 diaper (with the tabs touching in the front) and 9-12 month clothing.  She's bitty!

But yes, height was a big factor for us.


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Yes, it was a factor as well for us. We just wanted a donor over 5'10" or so. The men in my immediate family are all on the shorter side, around 5'7"-5'10". But four of my mom's brothers are very tall/large framed, all over 6'. I have a feeling our son is taking after my uncles in some way. He is 15 months now, 34" and 26 lbs. A big boy. He has always been 95-105% in height and 70-100% in weight.

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Yes, it's actually something that is pretty important to R. We are both relatively tall (I'm 5'9", and she's 5'7"), and she has always had this "thing" about wanting our kids, especially boys, to be tall. Our narrowed-down donor list did not contain any who were shorter than 6'0". H is currently in the 90th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. Honestly, both sides of our families struggle with weight issues, so we wanted to make sure that the donor we chose was tall and at least semi-thin, so that's what we went with.


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Weight was more of a factor for me. I am very overweight and I didn't want my kids to get that from both sides. The first thing I did was cross off any overweight donor based on height. I am tall - 5'10" and I prefered a donor who was above 6'. My donor is 6'6".

The height things has paid off with S. He is in the 95+ percentile for height
K apparently doesn't take after either of us because she is average in the 50th percentile for height.
M is also fairly average, but S didn't sprout until about 4 so I'm waiting to see with him.

As for weight...all three of my guys are slim - technically underweight for their height  big_smile

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Chrysanthemum wrote:

That was one of the top 2 criteria we wanted a child to be as similar to DH as We could and he is 6'4" and lg frame so after race those were our top 2.

Pretty much the same here.  Really the only criteria we looked at at all.



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It wasn't really a factor but in thinking of a child, I wanted a boy to have a chance at height (I'm only 5'2").  For a girl I didn't care!  The donor I chose was 5'10" so Shiloh still has a chance smile



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Height was definitely a factor in our choice. Both moms are short and fat and we wanted to give the kids a fighting chance!


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Lack of height was certainly a factor for me.  I origionally wanted someone over 6' but ended up with a donor who was 5'11".  I am 5'7" and have quite a bit of height on my dad's side, so I'm hoping Rhys at least gets close to 6'.  He's always been in the 70+ percentile for height and weight so only time will tell.

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Height was definitely a deciding factor in my choice of donor mainly because people on my side of the family are tall! Im 5'10" and the rest of my family is tall too (including a brother who is 6'6") so Zayden needed to make sure he had some extra tall genes to make sure he was tall too. lol. His donor is 6 foot 4. Zayden has always been in the 90th or 95th percentile for height since he was little.