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I just returned home from my first visit to a highly recommended RE, and I feel that our journey to baby #2 has finally begun.  We have not yet tried to conceive but have chosen to begin this summer because we are both teachers.  I want to use this thread to document what I hope will be a smooth road to conception.

If you're wondering why I've already been to a specialist, it's for a few reasons:

1.  We only have 8 vials of our donor in storage, so we only plan to TTC at home once in July  before we move on to the doctor assisted route in August.  It's important to us that our two children are biologically connected.
2.  Two years ago, I had uterine polyps that had to be removed via D&C.  Polyps, according to our OB, are relatively common and not always detected; mine were detected because I was having mid-cycle spotting and went in to investigate.  Regardless, I worry that this has somehow lowered my chances of conceiving.
3.  Unlike my DP, I am overweight, and I have had issues with acne and facial hair; I have not been formally diagnosed with PCOS, but my feeling is that it's possible, even though my cycles are pretty regular.

So here are the next steps, according to the RE's office:  Today is CD14, and I usually get my smiley on CD16 (at the latest ever, it was CD19).  On the day that I get my smiley, I am to call their office in the morning (by 6:45, which sort of worries me because I tend to get my positive in the late morning hours) to schedule to come in for bloodwork that day.  The next tests will be on CD3 at the beginning of June and sometime between CD5-10 a few days later.  I'm anxious to get started!

Cycle history:
I've been tracking since July 2012 using Fertility Friend because I knew that we would be starting to try in July 2013 and wanted to have a year to understand my body.  I didn't start temping until January 2013, though.  My EWCM indicates like clockwork that my smiley will arrive in the next two days, but the start of EWCM varies between CD14-17.  My temp shift has been less reliable, but during most months, the rise happens within 24 hours of my +OPK.  After discussing all of this with the RE today, she confirmed that it will be a good idea to try our first at-home insemination (IVI with two ICI vials) at 12 and 24 hours past the smiley.

One more note that I want to document here to hold myself accountable is that I lost 40 pounds in the fall of 2011 and have gained most of it back since my dad passed away in the spring of 2012.  I can't seem to get back on the wagon, and I really do want to.  I'm 5'9" and 195 pounds; at my thinnest, I was 175 pounds.  I'd like to at least get back down into the 180s before we start TTC.

Thanks for reading.  I'm hoping that all or any of what I document will be of some help to someone.  When we got my DP pregnant in 2010, I learned every single thing from this forum.  For her, we succeeded on the second cycle with inseminations at 7 and 24 hours past her smiley.  I can only hope to be so lucky.

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Good luck!  Your weight seems fine to me as I'm only 5'5" and weigh 215.  Still got preggers!

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Thank you! That makes me feel better! smile

I got my smiley this afternoon and will be calling tomorrow morning to go in tomorrow. Excited to get rolling!

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My bloodwork and ultrasound both turned out great!  They found one mature follicle at 19mm, thick lining, and LH of 32.  The woman who called to give me my results told me to go ahead and have intercourse, haha.  I just didn't say anything and thanked her for her time. smile, I wish we had some swimmers today!  Next month won't work either because we'll be on vacation.  The stars are still aligning for July.

My next step is to call on CD1 to have CD3 testing.  According to FF, CD1 should be around June 1st.

Anyway, my temperature was still down this morning (97.3, same as yesterday), and I do expect it to rise before tomorrow morning.  At least I hope so, so that will confirm my 12 and 24 hour plan!

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By the way, I literally feel cramps at around 11:30am the day after my smiley every single month.  It's 12:08 right now, and I've been feeling them since about twenty after eleven.  I wonder if that means that I ovulate during the afternoon the day after the smiley, about 24 hours after it, in fact.  I'm thinking "out loud" here.  During our first try in July, it's looking more and more like my smiley will arrive on either Sunday the 14th or Monday the 15th; either way, that's going to narrow our timing for insemination because I'll be working at a summer camp from 8am until at least 1pm Monday-Friday.  So let's say I get my smiley at 11am on the 14th.  We could insem at 11pm that night and then at approximately 2pm the next day.  I think I like that.

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I went in for my CD3 bloodwork this morning.  According to the woman who did it (and took forever to find my vein...ouch), they were mostly checking for my AMH levels.  I had no idea what that meant, so I Googled it when I got home and found this: … ained.aspx

I'll let you know what my results turn out to be.  They had to "send it away" to another lab.

The next thing I'll need to have done is a sonohistogram.  This needs to be performed by a doctor, which means that I can't have it done on a weekend day.  This is a total bummer for me because it must happen between days 5-10 of my cycle, and I absolutely cannot take time away from work this week for several reasons, unless it can happen on Friday (and apparently no doctors are in on Friday, either? Annoying.).  Otherwise, I have to wait until my next cycle.  Honestly, that could work to our advantage because my next cycle will be our try-at-home cycle, so taking a quick peak at my fallopian tubes beforehand wouldn't be a bad thing. smile

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I went in this morning for my sonohysterogram expecting everything to be fine, since I've passed all of the other "tests" with flying colors (that I know of).  I took two Aleve before I went because it was supposed to be painful, and it was.  It felt like bad period cramps plus lots of weird pressure.  Anyway, they found two more polyps, one of them a significant size.  I need to have them removed via D&C (again) during CD5-10.  The doctor said that it would still be okay to TTC during that cycle, which will probably end up being around a week after the procedure, unless it totally messes up my cycle.  I just read on the TTC side of the boards that women have gotten pregnant during the same cycle or the cycle after, which makes me feel better.

The worst part about this is that I'm a total control freak and have been tracking my cycles for a year.  The last time I had a D&C almost two years ago, my cycles were wacky for at least 8 months.  I hate that I'm not going to be able to predict myself as well now.

I'm trying to just relax and be thankful that the polyps were found and are being taken care of BEFORE we waste time and sperm TTC.  I know that polyps reduce the chances for pregnancy, so this is a GOOD thing.  Sigh.

ETA:  I forgot to mention that my fallopian tubes "look nice and open", so that's good.  I just spoke to my mom and my DP on the phone, separately, and they both reassured me a lot.  I'm starting to feel better and see this as a blessing.

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Well, we've decided that we're going to order one ICI vial to use as soon as I ovulate (+ about 18 hours after smiley) after the polyp removal.  My smiley usually arrives on around CD16, but we'll order for CD13 because it has come that early before.  Since the D&C may delay ovulation, I won't be surprised to not get the smiley for a few days (or even a week) later than planned.  I'm just going to have to stock up on my smiley tests. smile

To further complicate matters, however, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for July 2nd, which will be during my period.  It's a long story, but because of my family history (both dad and paternal aunt had colon cancer), I'm supposed to be examined before I'm 33.  I'm 30 now, and my DP and I thought it might make the most sense to do it before I get pregnant to get it out of the way.  So the first week of July will include both a colonoscopy and a D&C for me.  Fun!

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Wow that's a lot. But I agree. Get everything out of the way that you possibly can. I really hope that after all of this, that this is your BFP cycle. What an amazing story it would make. Baby dust!!!

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Thank you! I'm excited to get started!

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On our long car ride to the beach, DP and I decided that I'm going to cancel my colonoscopy for now. We'd rather not have me put under twice in one week, an I certainly don't want to do it while I'm pregnant or possibly pregnant. So the summer of 2015 is looking pretty good for it right now, haha. I'll be 32 then, so I'll still be following doctors' orders. I feel better about everything already.

Oh, and I got my predictable CD16 smiley today. smile

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I'm spotting, which usually happens a day or two before I start my period. I'm so excited that the time is finally here that I can't even articulate it. As soon as full flow arrives, I'll be calling to schedule the polyp removal and calling NW to schedule our first delivery. I canceled the colonoscopy, as planned, and now we're ready to start!!!

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Okay, the polypectomy is scheduled for Wednesday the 3rd, which is my CD5. My period came right on schedule today (Yay!), and I'll be ordering our vial on Monday morning. We also jut bought our Pre-seed and a two-pack of pregnancy tests at the store, and I ordered a twenty-pack of smileys from Amazon. Here we go! smile

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My RE's office called today and asked to move my procedure to tomorrow (CD4), and I happily obliged. Our swimmers have been ordered, and now my poor little uterus will have the most time possible to rest before it's invaded, haha. Here's to hoping that tomorrow is as unmemorable as it was in 2011 (I seriously hardly remember anything about it!) and that the doctor creates a nice cozy spot for implantation. smile

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It was a breeze. I'm still a little groggy from the anesthesia and a little crampy, but I'm so glad to have it done. The doctor said that my lining will heal in a day, so trying this cycle is perfectly fine. It wasn't a total D&C; it was technically a hysteroscopy that used a small tool to remove the polyps. On to the arrival of our swimmers next Thursday!

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T minus three days until the tank arrives! OMG! smile

Yesterday was the first day that I wasn't spotting, but recovery was easy. The procedure was on Tuesday, and I think Thursday and Friday were probably the crampiest for me but nothing more than the feeling of regular period cramps.

The big question now, of course, is whether my ovulation will be changed. As planned, the tank arrives on Thursday, which is CD13, the earliest smiley I've ever gotten. I'm going to start POAS on Wednesday, just in case, but I can always tell when the smiley is on its way by the arrival of my EWCM the day before. I hope that still happens this cycle, so I don't get confused!

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Good luck

Some day my dreams will come true!

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Thank you!

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Much to my surprise I already have a bit of EWCM today. I looked back in my posts to see what happened after my last polyp removal, and I did indeed have a shortened cycle--26 days instead of the usual 28-30. The good news is that our swimmers are arriving today, so the smiley will be welcome! In fact, the earlier the better. I hate waiting. I'll keep you posted. smile

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The tank is here. smile

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So I had the worst night of sleep ever. I have a cough tht I acquired from my son, and the chest congestion is completely annoying. Plus, I kept dreaming about EWCM. I know I'm not supposed to test with FMU, but I did, and it was negative. I'm trying not to doubt my body, but it's hard not to with that tank sitting in our closet. For the past twelve months, I have ALWAYS gotten a smiley and almost-always the day after I start getting EWCM--which would be today. I'm just panicking a little because my CM this morning was a little thicker than yesterday (TMI, sorry), and I'm praying that I didn't miss it. I never have before, AND I tested five times yesterday, so I can't see how that would be possible.

See, it's totally crazy for me to panic. On any other cycle, I would get EWCM one day and nonchalantly know that my smiley was coming probably the next day--and it did. Also, my surge is never super short, so I can't have missed it. Or did the polypectomy speed up my cycle so much that it sped up my surge, too?

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This is what I got at 9:30am today:
^ I don't know why it's not showing up, but it's a picture of my positive smiley test!

+ 18 hours will be 3:30am.  I didn't test between 6:30 and 9:30 this morning because H and I were visiting my mom (Yes, we're all early risers!), and I had a feeling at around 9:00, so I think I'll set our alarm for 2:45 to aim for 3:00am.

Here we go!!!

P.S.  My CM has returned to a nice eggwhite texture, but I read online that the yellow stuff could be super fertile, anyway. smile

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After so many years of anticipation, our first insemination was just as magical as I had hoped for. We set an alarm for 2:45am, and by 3:00, I had inserted one applicator of Pre-Seed while DP began to defrost the vial. All was done by about 3:20, and my hips stayed propped up until 5:00 when I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go to the bathroom. More details if it turns out to be a BFP, and I have to tell you that I feel pretty great about it!

By the way, since the tank has been in our house (arrived Thursday), I've gotten approximately a total of 8 hours of sleep. I've also been congested, which doesn't help, but I think it's mostly because I'm excited. But I'm also exhausted, haha.

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Rather than post every single time I feel something, I'll just edit this post with my TWW experience...

Ovulation day: So far at about 7:30am, I feel like stuff is "up there" for the very first time in my life. There is a fullness that I didn't expect. I'm hoping for some O pains this morning, and I'm willing to bet I'll get them by noon. -- It's now 9:55am, and I've been having some twinges since 9:30 that I'm hoping are ovulation cramps and not gas, but my stomach is all in knots from excitement, anyway! -- At nearly 8pm, I've noticed EWCM throughout the day and am hoping it dries up before tomorrow to help confirm our timing. We may have been a little early? I'm going to try not to obsess about the possibilities...

1DPO: Since bedtime last night (It's 12:30pm now.), my breasts have been sore. This usually happens sometime during my luteal phase but rarely so soon after ovulation. I'm taking it as a good sign that my hormones shifted and that I did ovulate on time, though. Otherwise, I finally slept last night. I'm still a little crampy/full but not as much as yesterday. Also, my CM is more lotiony today, though I did have a glob of non-stretchy, cloudy stuff a little while ago. -- It's almost 4:30pm now, and I just got off of the treadmill where I swear I could feel my nipples rubbing against my sports bra more than ever before.

2DPO: I felt nothing interesting all day, except for a little bit of bloating and yellow CM, but I've been having some mild cramping since about 4pm (It's 9:30pm now.).  I also usually have a few pimples by now after ovulation, and I'm totally clear...which could also be a positive result of the polyps being gone. Otherwise, the girls are still sensitive, but that's about it. Another day down!

3DPO: This is silly. I'm documenting what could just be PMS, anyway, so I'm going to quit driving myself crazy and wait to focus on it until I test next Tuesday. It's going to be a long week regardless.  -- But I can't stay away!  It's 8pm, and here's what's going on today: took a two-hour nap in the afternoon, very sore shoulders from carrying some boxes yesterday (probably just normal strain), continued cough and congestion from since before ovulation, cramps when I'm sitting, backache (everyday but not mentioned before because I almost always have lower back pain), increased thirst, heartburn (with a little bit of acid creeping up into my throat, BUT I ate pizza for dinner) and gas bubbles...but all of this stuff could just be regular life!  I wish I could stop googling symptoms.  An hour or two ago, I cried to my DP about how the TWW is just too long.

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My RE called a little while ago to tell me that the tissue that was biopsied during my polypectomy was all benign. I had forgotten that anything otherwise was possible. Anyway, she asked if I had had my surge this month, and when I told her I had, she asked if we did an insemination (because she knows I want to try at home once), and I said yes. She said that if I get my period, she wants to do an ultrasound a few days later to be sure that everything was properly removed, "and then we will proceed with treatment". Haha, it was strange to me to hear my potential IUI referred to as "treatment".

I'll continue my "symptoms" log in a new post later today.

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4DPO: I have had the most nagging gas pains for most of the day. At times, they were bubbles in my stomach, and at other times, they were shooting pains in my back, side, or pelvic area.  My breasts are still tender, and my CM is still creamy and white, but it's worth noting that it hasn't been in abundance at all for the past few days. I have one pimple right beside my bottom lip on my right side, which is a common spot for me, especially during my luteal phase. My legs are a little achey, but I'm walking a lot of stairs during the day at the summer camp. I broke down and bought some dollar store tests today and may try them starting on Sunday instead of Tuesday. neutral

5DPO: I just "woke up" (It's 6am.); I put it in quotations because I had a terrible time sleeping, and when I did sleep, my dreams were intensely vivid. In one, there was a pregnancy test involved, but I can't remember if it was positive or negative. I just remember the excitement of peeing on it being very real. After that one, I got up to pee, which is not usual for me. It was 1:11am, and I made a wish. I got back in bed and tossed and turned for what I thought was an hour or so, but when I looked, the clock said 4:11. Between then and now, I had a dream about my dad for the first time in quite a while. The gist of it was that I was able to rewind to July of 2011 and tell him that he was going to die on March 28, 2012 (which did really happen), unless he was willing to take better care of himself. I spent the rest of the dream consoling him and monitoring what he ate and drank. I can still feel his head in the crook of my right arm. All night, it didn't help that I had heartburn and gas pains, and the anxiety of the dreams just made my stomach worse. -- It's now 8:30am, and I'm just feeling generally yucky. I still have the same cough and congestion that I acquired about three days before O. My head hurts, and everything I eat gives me heartburn. I'm tired from not sleeping well and irritable because of it. I felt something "come out of me" before I left the house earlier, and it was watery CM, but inside the CM is still generally creamy with white specks. My stomach is "burny", and I've gone to the bathroom twice. Blah day. -- Now 9:45pm. My mood improved throughout the day. The gas bubbles returned in the afternoon and are still here. There were two spots of creamy CM in my underwear tonight. This is new: my left labia is sore. Either my son kicked me without me noticing (which is possible, but he's a kicker, and I've never felt this before) or something interesting could be happening. I hope I sleep better tonight.

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I'm starting a new post because the long ones are really awkward to edit on my iPhone.

6DPO: I slept much better last night. One dream was sexual and vivid. I still have creamy CM today and have been having gas and AF-like cramps off and on. The weirdest thing so far today (it's almost noon, by the way) was a random throbbing pain to the right of my belly button that lasted maybe a minute and then disappeared. Otherwise, I'm not especially tired or hot or anything like that. Should I test on Sunday (8DPO) or not do that to myself? -- It's about 4:15pm, and I recently had the craziest hot flash accompanied by acid reflux and cramps. I'm inside of my air-conditioned house on the couch, and my shirt is wet from sweat. The flash has basically left, but the reflux and cramps are still here. DP wanted to go out for an early dinner, but I told her I feel sick. Then I said, "Either it's because I'm getting my period in a week, or I'm pregnant!" and she gave the cutest little excited laugh. She hasn't been letting herself get excited, and I'm trying not to, too! -- It's 6:15pm, and for the second time today, on my toilet paper, there was what can only be described (WARNING: GROSS) as a crunchy little green booger.  The first time, it was so small that I couldn't even get it off of the toilet paper; this time, I was able to pinch it between my pointer finger and thumb, but it just crumbled like a dry booger.  My CM is still white and creamy, so it doesn't match up at all.  Weird. -- It's 10:20pm, and when I took my bra off, my breasts were extremely sore and heavy. It's not the worst I've ever felt in my whole life, but it's definitely significant. I looked back through my FF charts for ANYTHING noted around 6dpo or CD21, and I found a few notes mentioning tender breasts as early as 8dpo but not earlier; however, I didn't have anything charted between 4dpo and 8dpo for any month because I apparently suck!

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After looking at some FF charting that I sporadically did in the past, it's clear to me that I truly could just be PMSing. I'm going to take the weekend to spend time with my DP and son and not obsess over imaginary symptoms. I'll be testing in Monday morning (9dpo) for the first time, so I'll let you know how that goes.

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It's 9dpo, and I just got a BFN after a very vivid BFP dream (which explains why I tested at 4:30am!). Over the weekend, I had periods of tingly legs, period cramps, Montgomery's tubercles, and heartburn/disinterest in food. The strange thing this morning is that my breasts do not feel all that sensitive or sore, and that usually lasts up until period day for me. Also, im so bloated that my wedding band feels like it's strangling my finger, and I can't remember ever feeling that before for the three years I've been wearing it. I just really struggled to get it off. Not much hope lost, anyway. I'll test again tomorrow.

ETA a few more details about the dream mentioned above, so I can remember it: I was at my mom's house, and she had gotten me a bunch of pregnancy tests (IRL, she doesn't even know I'm in the TWW but only that we'll be "trying soon"). I was bleeding but peed on one, anyway, and the results were literally a sentence or two that said something like, "You're pregnant, but a test won't show it yet. Test again on Friday." Then, I kept peeing on more--one I even did by squatting over a towel on her couch. Weird! I should mention that I've always been an intuitive dreamer; for example, one night during this past school year, I had a dream that I was pulling rusty nails out of my bare feet, and, that very day, I stepped on two thumbtacks in my classroom that I had to pull out of my shoes. I'd never had that happen in my classroom before! Anyway, my period is due on Friday. Won't it be funny if that's when I get my BFP? We'll see.

Still 9dpo: It's a little after 1pm, and I just had the strangest pulsating feeling in my abdomen. I'm lying on the couch and had to unbutton my shorts to figure out what the heck was going on. I could see my pulse in my belly. Is that always there?! Other than that, I have a curious lack of symptoms for the first time in the TWW. My breasts are still NOT sore, even when I poke at them, which is very strange indeed for this time of the month.

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It's still 9dpo at 7:10pm. My cramps are so achey and I'm so tired that I'm literally going to bed right now. I feel bad leaving my DP to care for our son alone, and I'll feel especially bad if I'm not pregnant and this is just pms on steroids. Yikes.

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two more BFNs (one in the middle of the night and one this morning), and I may just wait until my period is due because they suck -- It's 8:30am (10dpo, by the way), and I'm having lots of stitches, twinges, and cramping. I'm hot and grumpy. I tested in the middle of the night because my cramps, sore breasts, and gas woke me up, but they went away shortly after only to return about a half hour ago. I have lots of white creamy this morning.  Out of curiosity, I took my temperature before I went to sleep last night, and it was 97.7 (normal for me pre-O is 97.5), and this morning, it was 98.5. I know it may not count because I took it in the evening last night, but maybe it means something about implantation yesterday. I caved and bought several more tests at Walmart this morning.  -- It's 8:15pm, and I'm feeling oddly good.  I took a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon and still have sore legs and hips, but they aren't making me limp like they were in the afternoon.  By the way, I've recorded "aching legs" on FF at a similar day in my cycle before.  My CM has turned to watery; there was just a dime-sized dot on my underwear when I went to pee.  I had another BFN this afternoon and will test again in the morning. -- It's 9:15, and I'm nauseous and gassy.  I don't get nauseous often, but maybe it's a sign of my period that's due in two days?  Also, I'm STILL coughing.  There is just this tickle in my throat with annoying thick mucus back there, but my nose is not stuffy at all.

11dpo: BFN with FMU. I slept better last night than I have in days. I'm gassy and constipated. Temps still up, but they usually are until CD1. I had another BFP dream where I got a positive on FRER and CB digital (with my mom there again, haha). I'll be trying to distract myself as usual. -- It's 7:30pm, and the day has been pretty normal for the impending arrival of AF - cramps, fatigue, craving sugar, and three pimples (although they are pretty superficial and not the cystic type that I usually get hormonally). The only strange things that I have going on today have to do with my arms and legs: my legs are weak (especially the left one) and both my left leg and both arms have a "pins and needles" feeling tonight, and my leg actually went numb at one point on the couch. That is totally new for me. Anyway, got another BFN in the afternoon. On to tomorrow...-- It's 8:30, and my limbs are still tingly. In addition, the area between my ribs cage right below where the underwire rests, directly in the center, feels sore and bruised but isn't. Are my hormones just going crazy because my period is coming?

12dpo: BFN with FMU. Finally went to the bathroom after being constipated all day and night. Sick feeling, though, at 8:30am (now), like I have to go again but can't. I've peed like seven times already this morning, which is unusual but not unheard of in pms for me. The most unusual thing for me today is that my bacj does not hurt. My lower back generally hurts 24/7 and gets worse during pms. I'm just tired of waiting. I'd rather get my period tomorrow than have to wait anymore. I guess that's not true. Remember the dream I had earlier in the week that a test told me I was pregnant but a test couldn't tell me until Friday? Well, that's tomorrow when AF is due, so I guess we'll see. I've been saving my package of CB digitals for the potential occasion. You better believe I'm wearing a pad today and tomorrow, though.

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It's nearly 1:45pm on 12dpo, and after a day of uncharacteristically frequent urination, I'm cramping and spotting.  The cramps feel very much like regular AF cramps, so my guess is that I'm out for this cycle.  Maybe not.  I just took my temperature out of curiosity, and it was 99.0, which is very high for me.  I had been sitting at my computer working for about an hour previous to using the thermometer.  I don't know.  My vagina is literally aching, but that could be all of the cervix checking I've been doing, haha.

It's 8:30pm, and the "spotting" has ceased. I should have mentioned that it was more like brown CM and never actually came out; it just got on my finger when I went in there to check a few times. The last time I checked (about a half hour ago), it was watery with just a little dot of creamy brown. I am still, however, feeling occasional and mild period cramps, so it very well could be on its way. Tomorrow will tell.

13dpo: my temperature dipped this morning to a little bit above my coverline (coverline = 97.5, today = 97.7). I don't have my period yet, but I assume it's coming. I just got more brown on my finger when I checked, but it was also easier to get my finger in there (not as dry as yesterday). I had another BFP dream. Waiting for the blood today, I guess.

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I just got my period full force. Now I know what my body is capable of during the luteal phase. Off to call the doctor.

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I went in for a vaginal ultrasound today to check and make sure that the polyps are indeed gone, and the coordinator for my RE had also mentioned that she wanted to be sure that my lining isn't "too thick" (Sheesh!), and it all turned out fine.  She also squared away the paperwork with NW, so now I just have to call to have the sperm delivered there next week.  My projected smiley will be close to next weekend, and then I'll head in for my first IUI (unmedicated for now).  If you're still reading these updates, you may be as crazy as I am. smile

Re: second baby in our family, first baby in my body

My three vials were delivered to my RE's office yesterday, and now I'm just waiting for my smiley.  My CM is starting to change from creamy to sticky, so I'm expecting EWCM tomorrow, which probably means that I'll get my smiley on Saturday (CD16, like usual).  This is an educated guess, of course.  If you're wondering why three vials, it's because we're going to try for three cycles before we reevaluate and possibly wait until next summer to try again, in an attempt for a spring or early summer due date.  I went to lunch with some co-workers the other day, and one of them announced that she's pregnant after her first month trying with her husband.  I couldn't help but want to cry a little, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

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I got my smiley today after some stress over a lack of EWCM (See my recent posts if you care.). I'll speak to my RE's office tomorrow morning to schedule my IUI. I'm hoping to get their latest appointment for a Sunday, which I believe is around 10:30am. Trying to stay relaxed!

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We had our IUI at 9:55 this morning (21.5 hours after +opk but probably more than that after the beginning of my surge because I didn't get an accurate test yesterday morning). It went great! That speculum felt like it was a monster, but everything else was relatively painless. She said it all lined up nicely, and I've had only slight cramping since. DP was there to hold my hand, so all was good. We had to tell my mom, though, because someone had to watch our son, haha. Anyway, I'm not sure it could have gone any better, but I thought that last month, too. My temperature was still nice and low this morning, so I hope to see a rise tomorrow morning. I will not be symptom obsessing this time, FYI. I'm going to busy myself with lots of projects around the house and getting ready for school to start again.

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In case you missed it, this has been my stress so far: … after-iui/

My temp finally rose this morning, a day later than expected. There's nothing I can do about it, I know. Otherwise, I feel completely normal, unlike last cycle with the cramps and stuff that happened immediately. My stomach is bothering me a little (diarrhea), but it did last month, too. We decided that I'm allergic to sperm. Just kidding. wink

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Okay, so I promised myself that I would only post things that are totally weird (not cramping or diarrhea or anything like that--even though I've had diarrhea every single day since ovulation, not to mention the frequent urination and heartburn of the past couple of days). Anyway, I'm 5dpo now (or 6dpo, depending if FF got my ovulation correct according to my unusually delayed temp rise), and these two things are completely strange and even unheard of for me:

1. I don't have any acne. None. Not a one. I always get what I call my "luteal phase acne" within 3 to 5 days after ovulation. And I mean ALWAYS. Last cycle, I charted that my skin broke out on 4dpo, which is totally normal, and again at 11dpo, also totally normal. (I was disappointed both times because I thought the polyp removal might have helped with the acne.)

2. If I'm pregnant, I will always look back on this moment as when I knew something was up: I briefly fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon (for like fifteen minutes) and had the most vivid dream of my life: I was sucking on a lemon and tasted the sourness so much that I woke myself up by puckering my lips and making that sour face that everyone makes, and it was followed by at least an hour of a very strong metallic taste in my mouth.

3. (Now I'm 7dpiui.)  I'm wondering if I've never noticed this or what, but I'd say about 80% of the times that I have been peeing over the past two days (and I'd say we're at least in the 20s there), there was one pubic hair on the toilet paper when I wiped.  Is my hair falling out?  Totally weird and can't find ANY experiences through Dr. Google.

4. (still 7dpiui)  Also weird: A little while ago after peeing for the hundredth time today (not really), I went in for a CM check to discover that my vaginal walls are super swollen and lumpy and dry--particularly the bottom wall. Once past that area, my cervix felt high and moist. What on Earth? I've never felt it like that before.

5. (10dpiui) I can't say this is completely strange because I felt it periodically last month (I added it to my chart for one day because it was the only day that it was very noticeable.), but I've been getting the stretchy/painful feeling near my uterus sometimes. It's more painful this cycle, and I've charted it for four days (not in a row, except for yesterday and today).  For example, while driving yesterday afternoon, I felt it and cried out because it was so strong and surprising; I scared the crap out of DP. Today, I was lying in the couch and sneezed, and it was the worst one I've EVER felt. I cried out, grabbed my abdomen, and had to wait at least thirty seconds for the after-ache to subside. Did this used to happen to me prior to TTC? I surely don't remember!
6. (11dpiui) My breasts are always sore before AF, but this is the first time I've noticed a painful lump in the right one (which has always been the bigger breast since they arrived), and they both feel warm to the touch. They even tingle and burn when my bra is off. Has this happened before shortly preceding AF?

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Welp, period is here on the day I predicted (not the day FF predicted, which basically confirms my theory about the temp rise). I just called and left a message with my RE about trying Clomid with this cycle. Waiting for a call back. In the meantime, I'm glad to be able to stop obsessing for a week or so...but who knows what the Clomid will do to me? Hopefully not much except get me pregnant.

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So they can't get me in for a consult with my doctor in time to try Clomid, which means I'll have to wait another cycle.  The ironic thing is that my consult is scheduled for the morning that I may need my IUI (day 18 of my cycle, when I had it this past cycle).  Even if I get the smiley in the middle of the day on CD16, I may just have her do the IUI in the morning of CD18 and see what happens, since it seems I may ovulate later than I thought.  Now to relax until I start POAS again in a week and a half or so...

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I started getting EWCM on cd12, which is early for me, so I began POAS on that day just in case. I was negative up until bedtime on cd14 but positive with FMU (5am) on cd15. I'm hoping that means that my surge started in the middle on the night between Thursday and Friday because I'm going in for my IUI today (Saturday) at 9:15am. I'm happy that it's more than 24 hours after +OPK this time. My temp was still low this morning, and I will be thrilled if it is up tomorrow morning. Here's to our third try!

ETA:  This IUI was also painless (besides the massive speculum and tiny cramps that I'm still having now, about 45 minutes later).  I'm excited about a few things for this cycle:

1.  Our vial had a sticker on it that said "SUPER!" because the specimen was so good this month.
2.  My EWCM has been beautiful this cycle: clear and stretchy.  For the past two cycles, it seemed oddly yellow and thick.
3.  I'm back to work (teaching), so my TWW will be going SO MUCH FASTER because I'll be busy.

That's all. smile

ETA again:  I just realized that if I conceive this cycle, the due date will be like three days after our son's birthday.  Poor things would have to share the thunder!  Oh well.  It would just mean that both September and May are our lucky months!

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I just want to report that my temp rose yesterday morning and even higher this morning, so I experimented and put in my nearly-certain temp for tomorrow morning, and FF told me I ovulated on the day of my IUI. YAY!!!

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I officially got my crosshairs this morning. I'm also going this morning for a consultation with my RE about taking Clomid next cycle, if there is a next cycle. We're staying very positive and, more importantly, very busy. smile

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It's now CD16 during my first cycle on Clomid, and because I hadn't yet gotten a smiley, the RE office asked me to come in for bloodwork and an ultrasound this morning. I currently have two identical 13mm follicles on the left side, obviously not yet mature. I laughed because 13 is my favorite number (my birthday) and at the fact that they are "twin" follicles. To add to that "sign", Walmart literally had ONE BOX LEFT of the old kind of smiley tests that they are supposedly phasing out. I only have one stick left because I was sure I would have gotten a positive by now and didn't order any from Amazon. All of this is happening after a rough couple of days during which I was annoyingly emotional and got lots of inexplicable and inconvenient errors on smiley tests. We're hoping this will all be a good story to tell for our BFP cycle.

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I guess I'll update. I'm 8dpo, and things are rather uneventful. I went in for my IUI at almost 40 hours after my +OPK, and the doctor said that it was easy to do. I was worried that I'd be closed for business by then, but maybe it turns out that I ovulate a lot later than I ever thought? Anyway, my "symptoms" generally line up with past cycles (heartburn, vivid dreams, etc.); the only two notable differences have been a complete lack of breast tenderness (which I usually have since the day after ovulation all the way until CD1 or 2) and an increase in lots of kinds of CM, but I'm sure that either one can possibly be attributed to Clomid. My period is due on Monday, so I'm going to try really hard to hold out until then before testing.

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Well, last cycle was the usual bust, and I'm currently 5dpo on another cycle (although it's possible that I'm 6dpo and actually had my IUI the day after I ovulated...not sure; maybe I'm just paranoid at this point). I feel exactly like I did last month: very little breast tenderness, lots of different kinds of CM, vivid dreams, etc. To top it off, the vial's sperm count was so low this month that my RE actually called NW and told them about it, so I'll be getting either a refund or replacement vial (of our sold-out donor??? That would be incredible.) if I'm not pregnant now. Also, I'll be doubling my Clomid dose next cycle, from 50mg to 100mg. Anyway, just the typical waiting...

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I'm pregnant. smile

Different symptoms this time: ringing ears and randomly erect nipples. The big clue was no spotting the day before my period was due.

Still in shock!!!!!

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Well, my beta only went from 61 to 64 in two days, so it was probably a chemical pregnancy. I'm speechless and devastated. Going back in two more days to confirm.

Edit two days later: Beta at 56. We'll be taking a month off to breathe. We're hoping that the bleeding starts ASAP.

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I've been bleeding for two days now, but my hcg has only gone down to 34. It could be a slow ride to my next ovulation, so I'm glad that my doctor wants us to take a month off; otherwise, I might not have had the patience to hold out on my own. It's hard to think about not trying when I know the time will be right, but it's for the greater good...not to mention that we only have three vials left, so my body has to be extra ready. Anyway, in case you're curious, the bleeding has been different from any period I've ever had: it's a brighter red with occasional large clots, when it's usually a darker red with frequent small clots. Some of the clots have actually been clear (you know, like see-through), which has been interesting. I have moments when I'm emotionally numb to it all and moments when I'm crying my eyes out and apologizing to the baby who didn't even get a chance. Anyway, I just thought I'd update.