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Topic: 28 Week Update

Greetings all!

We have reached the Third Trimester!

In the last 8 weeks since I've last written, my partner and I have moved from Sunny Florida to rainy Atlanta, GA.  (Any Atlantans on the board?) 

But, what you all really care about: the Babies!  I had my 28 weeks appointment today and they are looking great.  My fundal height, which is just really for fun with twins, is 34 weeks.  Since we left Florida, we've left our high-tech, highly-watched twin pregnancy coverage and settled somewhat into a more laid-back approach to our pregnancy, a la our doctor.  He is famous for his approach to vaginal deliveries and has a c-section rate of around 10%. 

Having said all that, we learned at 24 weeks that both Baby A and B were footling breech.  (First they didn't know where to put their placentas and now this!)  Footling breech is the one type of breech my doctor will not deliver vaginally.  An external version is not an option I am comfortable with and my doctor agrees.  But, today it seems Baby A is slowly sliding his little body down into a more appropriate position and is halfway to a sort-of vertex (head down) position.  I'm feeling like we may be able to try for this vaginal thing after all!  Baby B is doing his best to slowly rotate himself around, too, and making room for his brother.

ETA: The most important thing!  We all passed the Glucose Screening Test with flying colors!

To once again rehash the Identical or Not Great Debate, I was sent an article by another mom in the same position (5-day IVF transfer of a single embryo who has twins who do not share a placenta) and it has the first account of another woman in the same boat!  The only difference is, she was doing a FET and they noticed the second Inner Cell Mass (what becomes the baby) in the embryo before transferring it.  (The second Inner Cell Mass was not evident in the embryo that they transferred for me.)  They let the parents know of the chance of multiples from the embryo splitting into identical twins. . . but what no one was expecting was for the embryo to split in identical twins with two placentas!  SO - my babies are back in the medical miracle field, I'm thinking.  I want a journal article about them, too.

No new pics of the babies, but I thought one little belly shot couldn't hurt . . .

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Re: 28 Week Update

Look at that belly!!!

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Re: 28 Week Update

You left?  You just ... left?  So first I was the last to know you were pregnant, let alone having twins!  And now I don't even get to hold or see them?  That's just wrong on so many levels!


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Cute belly!! I can't believe you left FL!!! Thanks cor the update, I had been wondering how you were doing.

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Re: 28 Week Update

That is one cute belly!  Thanks for the update!  I'm glad that you and the babies are doing well, and I hope they get to where they need to go soon. smile


Re: 28 Week Update

Love that belly!!


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Thanks everyone!!

Zen and Jen - I know, I know! It was a quick getaway. But, we are close to my sister now and closer to my parents ... And closer to my in-laws if you count that we're one step closer to New England....   Also, we're a big Florida family so we will definitely be back. 

EMG_REL - thank you! I hope they keep on chugging along, too.  I think my doctor gave me the worst case scenario at 24 weeks (sorry, just implied c-section is worst case...) BUT, they are on the move.  Sometimes I can feel them shimmy along in there, but I assumed they were just rotating in place.  For a week now I've been think baby B's bum is his little head! Oh well!

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Re: 28 Week Update

Congrats on your move.  And, congrats on the on the move babies! Sounds like things are heading in the right direction for a vag delivery.  CUTE belly pic  big_smile   Go babies! Hey, you never know, you very well could have an article written about you and babies!

       ........................... smile  Trying again soon  smile..................................

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Geez, I cant believe you are that far along already. Seems like last month when you announced you were having twins. I hope you get the birth you want and everything goes smoothly if not as planned.

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Re: 28 Week Update

Yay for Atlanta!  I used to have a friend who lived there, and I visited her there several times.  Great food (Righteous Room), great arts/boutiques (she lived in the Little Five Points area), great nightlife/music scene (hello, Eddie's Attic!).  But oh my, the cost of housing!  P.S. It doesn't normally rain that much there.  I think it's a weird year.

Great belly pic!  Glad to know both babies are doing well and hopefully getting into position!

And I'm in total suspense about whether they are identical or not.

ETA:  Now I want to go to Atlanta, because I am thinking about all the fun I've had there.


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That is one seriously adorable belly!  And did I miss the update that the babies were boys, or do I have placenta brain?  I need to add you to my facebook page for the hats and other baby stuff I make, so much fun for twins!!

Glad to hear all is doing well with the babies, and thank you for indulging my asking for a belly shot!


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Cute.  I'm glad that things are looking good.  I am an hour north of the big A.  I actually told someone the other day that I feel like I live in FL because of the daily afternoon rain.  Last summer was rainy too, but this is definitely not the norm.  Good luck!

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Thanks, precious and Hopefulltwo.

Scorpio - if you ever swing in back down - give a jingle!!

Goobie - happy to oblige!  I'm on the FB page for the baby things.  I started planning last night for my cuteness plans for pictures now!

Katy - Awesome! It's nice to know there are some other area folks on here.  I used to live in Savannah, but I know this weather is bizarre for Atlanta.  Must say, my (almost) lack of swelling is enjoying the cooler temperatures, though!

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Re: 28 Week Update

"Little" belly? Hehe
Glad you guys are settling in well but we're still :-( 
C'monnnn babies, slide on down in there!

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Re: 28 Week Update

cutest twins belly EVER!

Re: 28 Week Update

So sad to hear you left Fl, but I understand...we'll miss you at the next get together! Thanks for the update and I hope the babies stay on the move downso you xcan have the delivery you'd like!

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Such a cute picture. I miss my twin babies.

I'm confused at why you're not sure if they're identical or not. I know you only put back one embryo but in 18-35% of identical twins they have separate placentas. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something though.

Either way, congrats and they will be here in no time!

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Re: 28 Week Update

YNFR - in theory, a 5-day transfer should be too late to result in identicals with separate placentas.  Current medical thinking says that the embryo has to split before day 3 for this to occur and identicals to each have their own placenta.  However, the link I posted is one of the first accounts of a 5-day transfer resulting in di/di identical twins.  From some limited online research, I have found a few - three or four women - who have also had 5-day SETs result in di/di identicals.  However, none of them have been born/been DNA tested to confirm. 

ETA: I know, YNFR, they are going to be here CRAZY soon!!

C&A - thank you for not thinking my belly is so "little." wink

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Re: 28 Week Update

looking good! you're as big as me, and I'm 35weeks 3 days!

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