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Topic: Graco Size4Me plus Kohls cash

If you use the promocode MARCHING on the Graco Size4Me at Kohls.com, you can get the seat for $150ish (depending on tax in your state) plus $30 Kohls cash back....$10 for every $50 spent. If anyone is in the market for a new convertible seat, this isn't a half bad deal. I bought two of these seats and got $50 back in kohls cash.

Rear-facing from 4-40 lbs.
Forward-facing from 20-70 lbs

Most kids outgrow a seat's height limit before the weight though. I think this seat currently has one of the highest height limits for rear facing (27.5" seated height compared to 25" with the Radian) and decent forward facing limits as well. I ended up going with these for my car instead of the Radians (will keep the Radians in DP's car because they work better in her vehicle). But for the cost of one Radian, I was able to get two of these seats (plus kohls cash back). woop!!
Offer valid thru 9/2/2013

**Edited to change promocode and expiration date to the most recent sale info.