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This is interesting: … iscarriage

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Wow.  That's good and bad.  Like the article said many women will become obsessive about testing BUT having access to the information is really empowering.  Since it's been legal in Europe since 2008 I would say that it's gotta be somewhat reliable.  Think of the reduced doctor visits and copays.

One thing the article said that I didn't know was that after 9 or 10 weeks the HCG levels could fall of the curve and that could signal a miscarriage.  I could see me being one of the people testing several times a day.
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I think POAS addicts already check progress anyway with line darkness. And even if a woman relies on or will rely on that to identify a possible mc, I think women would want to go to the doc to make sure.

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Oh good grief!  This test has been available in Canada for a while already (what I used as the digi's for both my latest pregnancies) and I never thought of using it to check for miscarriage.  I think if you're going to be obsessive, you'll be obsessive no mater what test you have!

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