Topic: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

I've decided to go with prefold diapers for my son.  Although it's been 29 years since I've put them on a baby, they're what I'm most familiar with and frankly I can still change them in my sleep.  Being able to change them in my sleep is a serious bonus.

I remember covering prefolds with rubber pants but didn't like how they grabbed and bit into my brother's legs.  How do parents cover them these days?  Can any diaper cover work with prefolds? 

Does anyone have experience using prefolds with Alva covers?  I like both the price of Alvas and the ability to buy them in bulk.  I don't want to invest in 20 covers if it won't be a good fit.

I'm looking for a cost effective cover.  While cheap is tempting, I don't want to spend more in the long run because the product wasn't worth while or what I needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and advice.

Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

I am a bit nervous about prefolds (I refer to them as "butt origami") and am stocking up on pocket diapers (mostly Alvas).  However, I plan to still buy some prefolds as a backup in case an Apocalypse happens and we have no water for laundry for days, or some other crazy emergency.  I was just thinking I could probably use Alvas as covers for the prefolds.  I think you could probably even stuff the "pocket" part with a prefold folded in thirds.

Thirsties also makes covers for prefolds that look over user-friendly.

Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

Green mountain diaper prefolds are the best, hands down. We mostly used their fitted diapers just because it was easier (neither of us had any experience with cloth diapers before our babies) but we use the regular prefolds too. We use a variety of covers - wool covers are my favorite (my sister-in-law knitted a bunch for us this summer which was the BEST gift ever) but we have the regular ones too (pro-raps, bummis, and a few others and each had pros and cons, they were all just fine though). … apers.html

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Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

I was hoping Alva's could work as covers.  I'm looking forward to hearing from experienced diaper slingers.

As you shop around for prefolds check out Diaper Junction.  Right now they're having a sale on Indian prefolds as well as Diaper Rite organic prefolds.  The prices seem reasonable.  The newborn diapers have washed up really nicely and seem super soft and absorbent. 

Yes I bought newborn diapers.  Silly I know but they look like they'll make great overnight fillers when my son is older.  They'll also make wonderful cleaning cloths too.

The Green Mountain diapers look lovely.  I couldn't help but buying a few too.

Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

I don't believe alva makes covers. They make pocket diapers that need to be stuffed. They could be used as a cover, but the soft material inside would get wet and it wouldn't be good to reuse. With a regular diaper cover for prefolds or fitted diaper, it can be wiped dry or air dried and sometimes reused with out washing them. I think you will be happier with actual diaper covers rather than unstuffed pocket diapers as covers! Make sense? Sorry if you have this figured out! I use alva pocket diapers almost exclusively but I was given a several fitted type diapers and would love to have covers for them. There are just way too many choices so I haven't gone there yet!

Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

Econobum are my fave.  They fit my skinny minnies and my chunky monkey equally as well.

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Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

I used thirsties and they worked pretty well. Eventually i switched to pocket diapers and fitteds with covers because they were more comfortable for my little one and also so much less bulky.

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I liked Bummis covers over my fitteds.  I agree Alvas are not the best choice for covers, if you're buying Alvas why not just use pocket diapers?  You can stuff them with prefolds though!

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Re: What are the best diaper covers for prefolds?

Thank you for all of the responses I've received.  I decided to go ahead and buy a small number of covers so I can evaluate what works best for me and the baby.  I'm so glad I posted before I bought a stash of Alvas as it sounds like they wouldn't meet my current goals.

Thank you again for your help.