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Here is the official introduce yourself thread smile

Share your much or as little of that others know your journey and what brought you here smile

Mommy to Twins plus One - donor 733

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Hi..I'm Patti from Scottsdale AZ. I am mostly a lurker now but have been around for a few years. I have a set of twins(different bank), quads(used NW) and a singleton(hubbys). Hubby has very low sperm count so we had to use donor sperm, our last baby was a surprise and hubby was able to produce enough sperm to impregnate me! Our quads are by NW donor #3375

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I'm Raynae' and I am 38.  My partner Holly and I have been together going on 6 yrs.  We had our committment ceremony in Las Vegas with Elivis!! 
I have 2 adopted daughters (ages 20 and 18).  As far as I know I do not have any known infertility issues.  Will get all my bloodwork back this Thursday.
I have never tried to get pregnant before.
I plan to order my swimmers in April and try at home AI this time in April.
We are beekeepers and I make 100% beeswax candles, lip balm and salves and sell them at festivals.
I will be at Atlanta Pride Oct 30-Nov 1 and am busy making a whole lot of candles!!  smile

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Wow, this really needed updating!  lol  I'm Milena (31), partnered with Amy (32) for nearly 7 wonderful years.  We have one daughter together via NW donor 554, Maren (7 months as of this update, lol), and 3 boys (ages almost 14, 9, and 7 1/2) from amy's previous marriage.  They are all very much OUR kids, and we have a good relationship with her ex-husband and his wife.  We live in the greater Cincinnati area, and travel frequently to southern Indiana/western Kentucky.  We both practice Earth-based religions, she is Pagan, and my religious path is that of Native American beliefs.  We live our lives in a way that honors Mother Earth, and we teach our children to tread lightly on Her.

Our plan from the beginning was that we'd have two more children together- she'd have one first since she is older, then I'd have one.  The Universe changed our plans in early 2008 when I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma and had to have a complete hysterectomy.  It has been very hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to experience having a baby myself, but I am so very lucky that I have love, support, and trust with a partner as amazing as Amy.  I am humbled and so grateful that she is willing to give me the one thing I have always wanted more than anything, but can't have myself- more children. 

We had been TTC off and on for 3 years using 3 known donors.  There were issues with the donors not being available when we needed them quite often.  We found out as time went on that one was completely infertile, one had a very low sperm count, and one was not forthcoming regarding his "recreational habits" and caffeine intake, which had a very negative impact on his sperm apparently.  We got our BFP on the first try with frozen sperm from NW!  I just had a feeling all along that if we had GOOD sperm that was there when we NEEDED it, it would happen for us.  And it did!

We are planning to start TTC our last baby (*sniffle*) in January 2010.

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I'm Jess(27), and my partner is Susan(34). We have been together for almost 8 years now. She has 4 kids, whose ages are 17, 16, 13, and 9. Susan is a registered nurse and I am a bookkeeper. I hate my job and plan to attend school once I am pregnant. I have an associates degree in police science, but I'm thinking of going to school for nursing. I have always wanted to have kids but didn't know how I could ever push any out. I still don't know how I am going to push any babies out but I have an awesome partner and a cool midwife so I'm sure that I will make it. A year ago we decided that I would try to conceive using frozen donor sperm. Unfortunately, it hasn't been as easy as we thought that it would be. I have been taking clomid for the last few cycles, and plan to move on to something stronger in the near future. Good luck to everyone.

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I am 32 (real close to 33) years old, single and starting to realize if I want kids they might just have to come before Mr. Right (if he even exists! smile ) I live in Mid to northern Michigan and I have been TTC on and off for about a year and a half. I have been using 029G but so far with no luck. I love NW because it was the only bank I found where I could go with out Dr. recommendation. Wishing everyone lots of sticky, sticky baby-dust!

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Well hello everyone smile My name is Marlana I have been trying since I was about 37 seem to hit a lot of walls on my journey mostly finacially but sometimes with timing as well. Lets see I guess you could call me a smbc now. Although originally I couldn't be called that I have two daughters Dawn is my oldest she 18 will turn 19 in april she is a senior in high school this year and then I have my daughter Noelle who is actually homeschooled because of the regular school messing her up she is 17 years old.oh she is also the one I put up the drawings and videos she is really into making the videos and that  I had my girls at 21 and 22 years old and i was made to raise them by myself it was hard yes but I grew so much by having them young and learned so much by them. Well with this one I have always wanted 3 babies and waiting for mr right is so yesterday not saying I wouldn't like to meet someone special but I Know I don't need to wait for him. I was using frozen before but switched to fresh last year and I will be doing a try this month probably in the next week or so oh yeah also using clomid this cycle
I hope we get our BFP's really soon

I guess I should put where I am from I lived in southern california my whole life till 2004 and I now live in houston Texas

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Becky and Holly here from Orlando, FL!  We are both 28 and have been together since Oct 2003.  We are ttc our first baby with fresh donor sperm.  I started out as the carrier back in June 08 and conceived in October 08.  Unfortunately that ended in November at 8 weeks pregnant.  Now we are trying with Holly as the carrier.  We are using the same known donor and are in the middle of our 4th try.  Our story can be found at


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I am Victoria,

I am 38, married and live in Alaska!!

    Mom to 9 (in my heart) -
Son -Oldest is 20 - was on bed rest with him starting at 30wks
19 - went on best rest with her at 28weeks. She's been fighting cancer for over 4 years.
17 - bedrest at 25 weeks, bled the entire pregnancy and lost her twin. She had a massive brain tumor 5 years ago and is a miracle she is still with us. No tumor growth but she has a rare genetic disorder and her knee bone cartilage deteriated and is now on an organ donor list for a new knee bone & cartridge.
16 - foster daughter we finally adopted 2 years ago!
14 - after 4 mc's and headrest starting at "day of viability" we have this little ray of sunshine!!
#6 isn't in our home - we went thru the process of adopting a little boy we had him for 2 years. I held him thru his long nights of withdrawal from being born on drugs, hes my baby boy, at the day of adoption the bio dad changed his mind, a few mos later do to neglect he was hospitalized with mersa, again I held him and when he got healthy they sent him back to his dad, we see him around town and he still looks sick-skinny- and neglected. He has sad eyes now. It breaks my heart and there is nothing I can do.  He is the biggest reason we are trying to get pregnant I just can't go thru that again.
Since last I was on here we had 1 successful pregnancy with donor that ended in mc at about 12weeks.
We decided my body just can't carry anymore babies and we gave up. Then the day before our foster license was to expire we got a call for a beautiful boy who was 10mos old, neglected with fas. He is almost 3 now and so amazing to have in our lives.  Then on my birthday 2011 we got a call his baby brother needed a home so we of course said yes. We got him at 10 days old. We are finalizing the adoption now still waiting on 1 judges signature!
In Jan we took on a 16yr old boy that our kids have known for roughly 6 years.

So everything happens for a reason... We didn't succeed in ttc and found the courage to foster more and we got 3 great boys added to our family!

Besides the 2 legged children we have 3 cats, 1 dogs (we rescued a mommy cat & her baby as well as a little terrier)

I been charting for well over a year started to track my migraines and the link between them and my cycles. Didn't ever dream DH would go for DS but he did so the charting sure came in useful to help us get a quicker start on GAI. We AI'd Jan (5 vials IUI) = BFN, Feb (3 ICI = 2 IUI vials) = BFN, Mar (2 ICI + 1 IUI vials) = BFN, April & May took off, June (1IUI & 1 ICI) = BFN, June found a mass on my right ovary and had to put TTC on hold. Mass grew and had it removed in September wasn't Cancer was called a "Dermoid Cyst" Hoping to TTC again in Jan 2010. We did conceive after the surgery but lost our baby. No more ttc for us but our home is full and hopefully will continue to be.

Well thought I would pop in to update for any of the ladies who may remember me.

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My name is Jody and I'm from Michigan and I'm 35!! I conceived my daughter Emily in 2007 and had her 10/22/07 via. another bank. Fortunately I found these wonderful boards and met some wonderful people and continue to come here for support. I plan on trying again this year for my #2 using my same donor.

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Hi, My name is Sarah I am 30 and have been married for almost 11 years to the love of my life. We have 3 kids together dd9, ds8, ds6 we always wanted one more,  but my husband was diagnosed with lynch syndrome 3 years ago and our geneticist said that any kids would have a 50% chance of having it as well. After lots of thought and long conversations we decided that  we would try sperm donor first and if this doesn't work then we will look at adoption. Our family doctor actually recommended looking into at home insemination  since our other three kids were so easily conceived. and that the RE in our area charges $350 just to walk into the room:o That is how we came across NW and now we are anxiously awaiting approval. Crossing fingers good luck to everyone here:)


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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hello, My name is Natalie and me and my girlfriend (Heather) have been together for 4 years. We live in WA and have lived here all our lives, I couldnt imagine living anywhere else, though I wouldnt mind. smile We decided in July 2008 to try and have a baby after my 21st birthday ( we had a big trip planned to Las Vegas). We went straight to a Dr. for the first try (I have never tried getting Pregnant) just assuming that my chances would be higher doing that. And, sure enough, pregnant the month after my 21st birthday, 1st try! It was really exciting and shocking at the same time, as we weren't expecting it to work the first time. We are now expecting a little boy and are VERY excited to be parents! We are now in the process of buying our very first home too! All, lots of exciting things going on in our life. You can visit our blog at the below link.... I try to update it at least once a week with belly pics and updates on life.

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Hi I'm Single, 25 years old, and live in Maine!

Always wanted kids, and honestly never pictured having a S.O. in the picture. I think I wanted to always be a SMBC, before I had ever even heard of the term.
Have struggled with irregular and/or annovulatory cycles all my life, so I have known that sooner rather than later will likely be more successful for me. No previous children, however I was subject to the disappointment of a failed adoption in early 2007.
I am hoping to ultimately have two children (and hoping that they won't be at the same time), although I would like them to be full siblings, I wouldn't be crushed if they weren't. And I am dreaming that at least one will be a little girl, but again wouldn't be disappointed if I had two beautiful boys.
I work as an RN on an adult surgical floor of the local hospital. I a big beliver in Organic/Natural food, All things "Green", Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cosleeping, Homebirthing etc. I live next door to a progressive Montessori school and feel that will be an excellent fit for my beliefs.
That's all for now.

After 8 attempts...6 BFN, 1 Chemical Pregnancy, and 1 Miscarriage
Attempt #9...June 25/26?

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My name is Jamie. I am 29 and TTC my third child.

Initially I started my journeey with adoption. I took home my son, Zachary, at two days old and was in love smile Just before he turned 6 months old his birth father changed his mind and I lost Zach. I immediately turned to AI.

I conceived the twins on my third attempt (fourth cycle) when I was 25 and delivered the twins just before my 26th birthday. The twins were spontaneous (no meds) and there was no history in my family - talk about shock!

I wanted to TTC last May ('08 ) but I wasd diagnosed with MS in February and I needed to wait a year until I TTC to see how I responded to meds. I have had an uneventful year and have been given the go-ahead to TTC again. I am currently on my 2nd cycle and hoping for the best.

Mommy to Twins plus One - donor 733

Re: Introduce Yourself :)


I am completely new to this board and TTC.  However, I have been doing a lot of research!!!

I am ~6 hours before ovulation, and just did my first AI!  Yea! I did an at-home IUI and it went very smooth.  No pain, no problems! I plan on doing another at 5:00 a.m.  Then, comes the tormenting waiting game. 

I am using donor number 080F.  I have read that this donor has good success rates, so hopefully someluck will fall my way. 

Please, please wish me lots of baby dust!  I will keep everyone posted on how the second iui goes, and if I actually do get pregnant. 

This is so exciting!  Lots of baby dust to everyone. 

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Hello ladies.

My name is Veronica, a SMBC, and I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm 37, and have been actively trying to conceive since last year, but it has been on my mind for years.  I think I started posting on NW boards starting about 5 ish years ago, off and on.  I have a 17 year son, who is my world.  smile  I would dearly love to have one more, and pray that I can conceive within the next year.  I have worked in the medical field for many years (I actually started in the Navy) but have my BS in education. 

I have homeschooled my son for many years (up until this year, when he started community college).  I haven't decided if I will homeschool my next child, if I am so fortunate to conceive.  I may decide to do it from 2nd grade through 8th grade. 

I look forward to getting to know you all more!

Sincerely,  Veronica

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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

               I am Cynthia, will be 30 this summer, been married almost 9 y.o to my huband Mike.   We were blessed in 2008, and got pregnant on our first try with a donor doing ICI.    Sadly we lost our son (Ole), at 5 months of pregnancy.    We recently tired twice to get pregnant doing ICI, but had no luck so far.   We plan to try again in June,  with a new donor.   Were really hoping to be holding our little blessing in March 2010.   Its been hard, though I am happy to hear others now pregnant, it still hurts a little, cause it somthing we wish we had.


Re: Introduce Yourself :)

I am Chantelle, and my wife is Cyndi.  We have posted our story here and there so sorry to repeat.  We live in Phx AZ.  We were best friends for 2.5 years, then decided we really loved each other and took the risk to take it to the next step.  I am currently an LPN will graduate with my RN in May of this year, can not wait.  Cyndi is a fire Capitan.  We started dating Nov 26 2006, she asked me to marry her in Sept of 07, we were married in March of 08.  It is not legal in AZ but we did everything as though it were.  I got a big diamond out of it. LOL.  I inherited 2 boys ages 4 and 7 at the age of 22 while I was married to a man.  I am 33 almost 34 and Cyndi is 29 half way to 30.  Our boys are now 15 and 18.  This month is the first month TTC.  I was married 10 years and we tried but I think neither myself or X-husband can have biological children.  I was blesssed to have a beautiful woman enter my life and want children and is willing to do all the hard work.  I am a little jealous but more grateful than jealous.  We are praying to have this happen quickly, I feel like I am starting all over again, kinda in a rush so my energy level can keep up with the baby.  Our plan is two, however it depends on how quickly our BFP happens as we all know it can be very costly.  We both did not want to be lesbians, but that is who we are and have come to grips and are very open about our relationship.  There is only one donor that has Cyndi's traits which of course I love and want to continue.  I tried clomid in the past, but nothing every came of that.  Cyndi has never had intercourse with a man that would lead her to pregnancy so we really don't know her fertility status.  For the time being I would rather keep Dr.s out, only becuase by me doing the insems, I feel like I am in some way contributing to her becoming pregnant.  I did not think this journey would be so stressful, I don't know why becuase when I was trying it was the worst emotional roller coaster ever.  But now I have my nearly perfect wife who I think is my lucky star.
I guess that sums it up in a nutshell.  I love the forum, still dont' have all the abbreviations figured out but I am trying.  The thing is I have always been jealous when others around me got pregnant, but the forum has changed that part of me.  I am just as excited about everyone else as I am with us.  I love that their our traditional families, single mothers, and lesbian couples.  I guess it makes it easy to talk to everyone here becuase we are all in this together.
GODD LUCK EVERYONE!!  I pray every night for everyone to get their BFPS, I usually shed a happy tear when I hear of one.
We are an open book for the most part so if we can every help anyone, even though we are new at this, please feel free to contact us.

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi I am Ali (25), happily married to a wonderful husband (37) and live in Texas.

Our story began in 2003 that was when we got married and have tried for a baby since 2004 or so. We tried having a child for all these years and nothing happened. We never thought anything of it other than it would happen when the time was right. I was very wrong. After talking to DH, we decided to go to a doctor and get checked out. They told me I was fine and everything looked good with me and then it was DH's turn and they said he had a 0 sperm count, and would never father my children. This was very devastating for both him and me, and we did not understand why this was happening to us. Heck I think we still dont understand. The doctor was very cruel and broke my heart, telling me laughing that I would never. Anyway this was last year in January I think. Anyway after several months of talking to him, and looking online for a way to get a baby. I found NW, and it changed my life. I talked to DH and he finally agreed to try this way. I know it is hard for him to go through this, but he knows how badly I want a baby. We decided to try for the first time via ICI in June and that resulted in a BFN. We tried again last month and resulted in a BFN and now we are on our thirda try this month. Just waiting to see what will happen. I am so excited about this month. Well this was our story, made it short. Best of luck to everyone.

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  We are Kate and Susan from Michigan and this is our second try with north west.  Our first try resulted in a girl (now 21 months) and we are hoping to be as lucky this time around!  I am waiting patiently to have a BFP tonight when I finally get to pee on the stick!!!  My test date is not really until Sunday but I can't stand it anymore so I am going to buy whichever test says "early results" LOL.  Good luck everyone!

Kate, Susan (DP), Grace 5 (donor 340), Gabrielle 2 (donor 514)

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

My name is Shannon and I am a 37 year old SMBC to my beautiful donor baby Sydney. She turned 3 in January. I was 33 almost 34 when she was born. I always thought that it would be wonderful to meet someone and have the fairytale wedding and life after, but it was never something that I thought of as essential to my life. Motherhood is another story. My life truly would not be complete without being a mom. I started researching the donor thing when I was 28 and knew it was what I wanted to do. I graduated from nursing school when I was 29, moved to Phoenix, bought a house and really started planning. I got pregnant on my first try and after a rough pregnancy had my daughter at 36 weeks. She is the most amazing little person I have ever had the privilege of knowing and sometimes I still can't believe she is mine. It can be tough being a single mom but so worth it. I have lots of support from friends and family and I am currently trying for #2.

Shannon, Sydney and Hayden

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My name is Shevon, and I an going to be 29 in April (crap... in a couple weeks... haha... I was going to have a fun Dirty Dancing Themed Party, but it's getting too late... hmmmm... I'll have to work on that).
Anyhow, I have been looking into artificial insemination since I was 18 (believe it or not!). I guess I always knew in the back of my head that I would be doing this on my own. Not that I haven't given men the chance to be my prince charming... sadly, I've kissed only toads... haha
In a lot of ways, I wish I had started this sooner (early 20s). I have been wanting to be a mom since I was a teen... I knew it was for me. I also know that it's a crazy journey... but I can only imagine how fulfilling of a journey it will be. I hope to know soon   smile  ... I WILL know soon!!!  big_smile
I am so thankful for NW and all you fantastic ladies. I don't talk about this to many people. I have mentioned it here and there, so most people I'm close to understand that it's something I'd be willing to do to have kids... I haven't told anyone, however, that I am actually in the process of inseminating (I saw an episode of "Friends" where Joey talked Monica out of AI... I don't want any of my friends to do the same- I need full peace of mind in my decision).
This month (about 2-4 days from today) will be my 5th ttc cycle (2nd attempt this time around). I'm really excited and have been thinking nothing but positive thoughts. AND- I'm feeling the ovaries working their magic   lol
I too am working on being as earth-friendly as possible. I want to sew my own all-in-one cloth diapers. If I get around to it and they work well, I might be willing to sell some to anyone interested (time permitting)  smile I also plan to breastfeed, co-sleeping will most-likely be for me and my kiddos, and I am Vegan... again (I hope to stay that way and want to raise my kids Vegan... It feels wonderful!)
I currently live in Southern California but grew up in Tucson, AZ. I like to move around, so I'm not sure where I will go next. I'm in debate between Florida, Oregon, and Northern California... Whatever... haha.

Good Luck to all you fabulous mommies/ mommies to be, and thank you all for being here... I know we are all appreciative   big_smile

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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

My partner and I have been together for 5 years..
I have been to the board many times but never thought to register.. smile hmm
Anyway im glad I did.. We did a insem in March and now we are 5 weeks pregnant..Yayy for us..
Good luck to everyone!!:D
We used Donor 094G

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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

I'm Kim. I'm 36 and trying to become a SMBC, with my ex-partner possibly involved (and possibly not my ex-partner) We were together for 5 yrs, then split up, I moved and we didn't speak for 2 years, then re-built our friendship over the past 5 yrs and now are talking about moving forward in our relationship again, however, we now live in different states. (Wow, that's confusing to try and explain!!) I'm currently in Tucson, AZ (she's in NM), but I would like to move back to Chicago after I have a baby (which is where I grew up).

I actually wasn't sure i would be able to have biological children b/c I had open heart surgery when I was 27 and I take coumadin, which is very harmful to fetuses, but now I have the option to use heparin during my pregnancy, which puts me in a high-risk pregnancy category, but I have the support of my Cardiologist and a very good perinatologist who specializes in heart conditions in pregnant women (now I just need to get pregnant). I think b/c I've spent my entire life in hospitals (prior to my heart surgery) i'm really comfortable with doctors, so I'm using a RE to get pregnant, he's an extrememly good doctor and i feel very lucky to have found him. I also hope to adopt in the future. I would like at least 2 kids, prefer 3, and wouldn't say no to even more!

I'm on try #4, using IUI and frozen donor sperm from NW. I was just put on Femara for this attempt and I have to take progesterone as well for a luteal phase defect. Good Luck to everyone!

Simon the Wise...fur angel 5/7/09
Me (36)
SMBC ttc#1

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

I'm Kari, 36, a teacher in Maine, and going to be a SMBC.  After 15 years of searching for Mr. Right and only finding Mr. Not Ready to Commit or Have Children, I decided that I can marry at any age, but only have children for so long.  So dating got put on hold, and charting took over my life. 

I initially looked into foreign, domestic, and foster adoption, but kept confronting obstacles.  In the process of researching adoption, I stumbled across this board and realized AI was a possibility and probably my best - and quickest - option.   

I tried for two months last summer before realizing that I had a minor infertility issue and got a referral to a "fertility specialist" who knew less than me.  But, she could prescribe drugs, so I conceived during my fourth cycle trying (first month on meds).  I'm expecting a boy this June, and I think I'll try for a second child after a year or so.   

I've really appreciated all the tips and advice I've received from ladies on this board.  It has been immeasurably helpful, and TTC never would've worked without you!  Thank you!!

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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

I have been lurking for almost a year and finally decided it was time to post.

My partner and I have been together 5 years and have a 3year old daughter together. We had a KD with our daughter, but he was unwilling/unable to help us out for #2, so we've found NW. I temp, check cervical mucus/position, and use the fertility lens, but do not use OPKs. I have tried them before, but never got a positive, even when TTC my daughter when I obviously DID ovulate.

We are on try number 2, but so far no luck. Currently I'm on CD 30/ 19DPO and no sign of AF and I've spent waaay too much money on HPTs, all negative. I'm just waiting for AF and ready to get on with the next cycle.

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi, I'm Kelly.  I came here because my husband has a 0 sperm count.  We've been through a lot with doctors telling us there is nothing they can do for him (after running a bunch of tests), so I went through a donor IVF that ended in a BFN.  We switched REs and got one who said he could help my DH....and he did!  But then we went for a retest and it was 0 again.  So a year and a half after finding out he had no sperm the first time and we are no closer to our goal of having a family.  So we are just going through with donor insems now.  Both very excited to actually have a "real" shot!  I am 25, he is 24, we've been together for over 5 years, married for 2 in May, and been TTC for over 3....

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi I am Kara (aka earthgirlfriday) and this is my first post to the NW forum.   My hubby and I are unable to conceive naturally, so when I found NW and learned that they would deliver to the house, I was elated.  I am 34 and this is our first time with AI.  I have three vials scheduled for delivery on the 20th of this month and I am trying not to get hopes up too high in the event we are not successfull the first time.  I have never been pregnant and all of my annual exams have always been normal.  I am so proud to be a part of this forum where true womanship is demonstrated through all of you!  I am on CD1, AF usually lasts a week and should O on the 22th.  Thanks for letting me share.


Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi I am 43 and planning to have my first IUI this month.

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi my name is Jennifer and I'm new here.  I have decided to become a Choice Mom and was directed to this bank from another woman on the same journey as me.  I'm currently 28 and will plan to start trying either at the end of this year or more than likely the beginning of next year.  The only thing that really is concerning me, is the availability of wanting contact donors.  I always thought that I would definately go that route but now I'm up in the air.  Is anyone else experiencing this?

Jennifer SMBC, mama to Rhys.

Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi - my name is Juli.  I am a 39 yrs old single mom.  I have a biological son, Will who is 4.  His father passed away when he was three months.  I don't want him to be an only-child and I really want to have at least one more child.  I became a foster parent in 2007 with the hopes of expanding our family that way, unfortunately we have only had two placements - each for 24 hrs.  I have looked into International Adoption, but it's so expensive and many countries do not want to adopt to single women. 

I had an appointment with my Ob/Gyn today and she has agreed to do the insemination for me.  I am using a donor, from another bank.  I am hoping to start in June.  Will and I are going to Disney World in May so I wanted to get that trip over with before I started trying.  My doctor prescribed Clomid (50mg) so hopefully that will do the trick!  I never had any trouble getting pregnant with my son, but that was five years ago too. 

Good luck to everyone -

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Re: Introduce Yourself :)

Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I have been visiting for a few months but this is my first post.  I live in Washington state and work as an RN in a critical care unit.  I am 33 and my husband is 40 and has two sons from a previous marriage.  He had a vasectomy 13 years ago, and after looking into reversal we have decided to go the AI route with DS and are using an RE.  I had my first IUI 12 days ago, no meds.  Glad I found this place, it has been a great source of information for a newbie to the TTC world!

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Hi, my name is Alicia. I am 36 and my husband has a vasectomy from many years ago, so we simply decided not to mess with all that and go straight to a donor. We thought about adoption but it is just so danged complicated, invasive and expensive that if this works out this will be much better for us.

I guess I waited so long because I simply wasn't ready before. And now for some reason it's like a light bulb went on in my head and voila, I'm there. Anyway, excited to be here and so glad to see everyone is so supportive! cool

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My name is Jamie 30 and my dp is Kristina 28.  May 9th will be our first attempt with at home AI.  Since we live in the midwest people tend to be pretty closed minded and I am so glad I found NW! I will be the bio mom first and the swimmers will be here on May 6th! Good luck to all ttc!

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Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Laura, I am 32 and married to my husband Derek for 14yrs. We have two children together, Kaity is 14 and Alex is going to be 13. I got pregnant on my prom night and my wedding night -- lol!! Its been a long 14yrs but my hubby and I...well, we beat the odds of a teenage marriage and pregnancy. It was a rough road but soooo worth it!! We now are well respected members of our community in NE Ohio. My husband is a fire chief and an operations mgr of an ambulance company and I was an auditor but now a stay at home mom, due to the illness our daughter has. We have wanted a large family for years and my husband cant have any more due to a vasectomy (right after the birth of our son). We are also going thru foster classes as well as hoping to have one more pregnancy.
I am so glad to have found this forum!!! Everyone here is so nice and all the advice from someone who has been where you are going is just priceless.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!!!

Baby Dust Wishes Sent to Everyone!!!


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Hi everyone my name is Shariah! I am so excited to start this journey of TTC. I think I wake up every morning with nothing else but this simple concept on my mind. I have a beautiful and loving partner (Krystle) who is an amazing and supportive girlfriend. This is our first time TTC with no known fertility issues and no children from any previous relationships. I am 23 and Krystle is 24. We want nothing more than to be loving mommies to children. I just signed up with NW cryobank and I look foward to sharing my experience with everyone. I will begin my first at home insemination in april or may. I can't wait!!!

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Hello everyone my name is Jerusha I'm 33 and married to David 40. I have a 9yr daughter from my X-Husband. David can't have any children of his own due to a sugery he had when he was 6 or 7. So here we are TTC:D our hopes are high and so are our fears. I haven't been preggers in about10yrs. YIKES, Any advice you would like to give would be more than welcome. We sent in our papers overnight at on monday and would like to start trying ASAP.

My Ovulation Chart
6/28/09=BFP=Ectopic Pregnancy 7/09/09
1/7/2011 found Endo

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Hi, I wanted to introduce myself now that we have some plans to proceed with TTC.  I am Nicole and my partner is Margaret (DP). We have been together 6 years and plan to be married on May 14th in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Our story is long, but basically I had plans to TTC using fresh donor sperm with a friend of mine before DP and I became a couple. About year into our relationship, I did try to get pregnant for 3 months with the known donor, but did not succeed. DP had big reservations about the known donor and wanted to wait until we decided to do this as a couple. The other significant thing to know is that I was significantly overweight at the time of trying to conceive. I have since lost almost 70 pounds and have had the LapBand procedure in October 08.

We hope to try to conceive in June after our wedding provided I am ovulating in May. I have been taking BCP to prevent migraines and treat Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). I first was on Yaz, went off for 1 month, went a bit crazy, and then switched to the mini pill for about 4 months. This will be my second cycle off the mini pill.  We will be using the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor.

Look forward to getting to know you all.

Nicole (and Margaret)

July 09- HSG shows 1 tube blocked
Feb 10- 2nd opinion, both tubes block due to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
April 10-Cycle 3 day labs come back normal
New Plan is Micro IVF with Dr. Sher in Las Vegas

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Hi everyone,
My name is Bri and I am 34 years old and I plan on being a single mother by choice.  I have always wanted to be a mom and I still havent found that person to share being a parent with so I am choosing to do it on my own before any more years go by and I miss out on the chance of having a child.
I am onto my second month at trying and hopefully this will be the one!

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Hello all!

I am Caryn, and my partner of 10 years is Brianna, and we're both 28 and living in florida. We have been planning this whole TTC thing for years, but were expecting to have a friend help doing a whole "known donor" situation. We actually asked him years ago, but were waiting till our lives were more stable. Summer of '08 it looked like things were finally going to start actively progressing but we started experiencing some "weirdness" with our friend. [Lack of communication, not hearing from him for weeks, him not sending things when he said he would, disappearing right when i was ovulating even though we'd given him notice, stuff like that.] Ultimately, between june and december, we only were able to get him along with the program for 2 cycles, though because we were using those overnight sperm shippers and one time there was a shipping mixup, only one cycle actually resulted in any inseminations, and that didn't result in a BFP. After all that time of not understanding what was going on with him, since he constantly reassured us and still seemed very excited to help, we finally "broke up" with him around the first of the year because we couldn't deal with it anymore.

So, here we are now. We've taken the time since then to look through all the banks, weight our options, and right now we're waiting to hear back on our registration with NW. [Unfortunately, since we planned for years to use a known donor who didn't want any money, we hadn't put aside the amounts needed for a bank. NW is our only chance to get things started sooner, rather than later. Cause really, after all of this, i feel like waiting another year or so might make me insane. Or, really, MORE insane.]

Otherwise, i've been tracking my cycles for over a year using the BBT method, the last 6 months i've been using opk's and the last 3 i've been using the CBEFM. I've been taking vitex for a while, which has made my cycles more predictable, and i'm drinking the fertility and pregnancy tea from maia midwifery. We also both plan to carry at least one pregnancy, but i get to go first since bri has issues with her period/fertility thanks to PCOS.

I usually just stalk communities like this, but since we hope to get started in the next few cycles i figured it was a good time to start actively participating in one.

Best wishes to all of you!

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Hi. I'm Inara. My DP is Anna. We've been together 8 years. I've always wanted to be a mother, it's the only thing I've really wanted in life. Anna is the same. We were going to go with a known donor but he backed out when we told him he couldn't be called "daddy".  So we found this bank and I liked the no doctor thing. I don't thank it's fair that a doctor gets to decide if I'll be a good mom.

I've been tracking my cycles for a long time, about 4 years and I've been on prenatal vitamins for that long too.

We are a little young(24). But the age when most girls in our families start having kids is 16 so I feel like a old hag when I see our sisters.  My little brother had a baby 2 years ago when he & the mom were 15. Gotta love the south.

I'm going to have the first baby and she might have the second. She wants to see how I deal with it first;).
I really want the kids close in age, within 3 years of each other. I want 4 and she wants 2. I thank we're going with 2 but that's fine. as long as their healthy I would be happy with one. 

Good Luck to everyone!

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i'm mammaora, from NY. Have been TTC for 18 months and am rather discouraged. Doctor says all is fine, aside my age (I'm over 40)... so, i am not sure how long I will keep trying, but am very grateful to all the posters since I have found comfort and great advices on the forum! to all: baby dust, and bless!

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Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi! This group seems very supportive, have been looking on quite a few different boards and this one by far has the greatest people and set up. I'm 33 and my partner is 42. We just registered with NW and plan on AI the end of next week. My partner will be the one ttc. I have 2 sons 17 and 14 and had a hysterectomy 4 yrs ago. She has never been pregnant but has one adoptive son that is 23.

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I'm so thankful to have found this board. You all are so supportive and such a wealth of great information. This is the first time I've ever TTC. My husband and I can't conceive naturally because he had a vasectomy in the past. Now we are at a point in our lives where we very much want to start a family. I am 25 years old and a full-time graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. I've been tracking my cycles and using OPKs since February 2009 and our plan is to do our first IUI in July/August. That is, if we can figure out my ovulation timing smile I look forward to getting to know you all better in the months to come.

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This is actually a re-introduction.  I was here up until about a year ago.  My name is Ellen and I am 41 and ttc my first.  I will be a smbc, though when I first came here I had a partner of 7 years.  We have seperated but remain good friends and I have decided that not having her isn't a reason not to be a mommy

I have had 7 unsuccessful IUI's and 1 miscarriage (possibly a 2nd that was very early on)

I am now ready to try again.  Good to see some old faces still around.

Cory and Amanda - loved seeing the pic of Lexi, I remember when she was born (and her ruby slippers at christmas!) and she has grown so much and is so beautiful! congrats on little sis!

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We are Jess and Heather.  Our first order is scheduled to arrive on June 26!!!  I'm (jess) 25 and I will be the one carrying.  This will be my first try and hopefully my first pregnancy.  Heather is older than 25 wink.  She created her son (and my sidekick) about 6 years ago with a known donor who was her husband, at the time.  - Insert Drama Here - ANYWAY, We've been together for almost 4 years and got married last November.  She kept trying to convince me that we only needed the one child that we have.  I have been strategically placing other people's babies in her proximity for the last 12 months in order to manipulate, I mean show her the truth of the matter, and finally, a 4-month-old-6-pounder with brown eyes did the trick.  She developed a baby fever, so I developed a budget.
I must confess, I'm feeling a bit of competitive pressure, as Heather's baby is adorable.  I must focus all of MY adorability into this egg.  Otherwise, she will get to carry the next one tongue  We are super excited!!!  Is it the 26th yet???

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Hi I am Krystal (25), happily engaged  to a wonderful man Tim (47) and live in Michigan.

Our story began in 2005 that was when we meet and have tried for a baby since 2005 or so. We tried having a child for all these years and nothing happened. We never thought anything of it other than it would happen when the time was right. I was very wrong. . They told me I was fine and everything looked good with me and then it was his  turn and they said he had a great  sperm count, and would n father my children.So my question was why havent we? This was very devastating for both him and me, and we did not understand why this was happening to us. Heck I think we still dont understand. The doctor was very cruel and broke my heart.  Anyway after several months of talking to him, and looking online for a way to get a baby. I found NW, and it changed my life. I talked to him and he finally agreed to try this way. I know it is hard for him to go through this, but he knows how badly I want a baby. We decided to try for the first time this month or next. I want a baby so bad and so does he.If everything was good with both of us why are we still trying without luck:( Im new to this forum and am looking for help on how this work.Please help ..Thanks ,Krystal &Tim

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Hello, this is Blair of nicandblair.

I haven't posted anything recently, but I have been keeping up with all your stories. We've been together nearly 6 years, are in our early 20's, going to school and planning our family. We live south of Dallas. We started out wanting to use NW, but chose to use a known donor.  The universe dealt us some hard blows at the beginning of this year, and after sitting it out for a while, we have decided to go ahead and TTC.  I was charting, but we've decided to wing it and take a laid back approach. Leaving it to fate, if you will.

In the meantime, we have a house full of furbabies and all our friends' kids to spoil.

Good Luck and Baby Dust!

Love, Blair

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I have meant to put an intro in this thread for some time now, so no time like the present right?

My path actually started when I was 20 and had recently ended an engagement; I decided at that time I would begin to look into having a child when I turned 28 no matter if there was a man in the picture or not. As time passed, I first looked at international adoption. I spent a couple years researching and planning for that. The more I looked into it, the more I realized it wasn't the right option for me. It was hard for me to let go of that dream, but a friend suggested I consider AI and that began this journey.

A couple years ago I found NW and began chatting on the old forum. I've learned so much from all the ladies here, and will be forever grateful to them for sharing their experiences. I've learned so much about my body and cycle; more than I ever did from nursing school! I've felt ready to try for months now, but life has had other plans.

My first hold up was a pesky complex ovarian cyst, that thankfully resolved on its own. Now I'm working on recovering from back surgery. I'm dealing with some complications from that, but things appear to be moving in the right direction finally. I had hoped to do my first insem late summer 09, but now I'm not sure if that will work out. So my focus is on allowing my body to heal so it can be the best baby oven (and then mommy) it can be when the time is right. big_smile


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We are Wendy (38) and Stephanie (34).  We have been in love forever and a couple for 16.5 years.  We live in the beautiful state of Alaska (please forgive Sarah Palin, she knows not what she does!) with our 2 year old son Jacob who was conceived via IUI at home on the 4th try.  He grew in Wendy's belly.  We are currently in the TWW (Stephanie) with the same donor 1st try.

This forum provides so much love and support, it is absolutely wonderful!  Good luck to everyone.