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Topic: 3 year old girl birthday gift ideas

What was a hit with your 3 year old for their 3rd birthday or Christmas presents?

I'm trying to find some ideas for Addy. She's really into baby dolls, filling a book bag with her books, doc McStuffins (she had a doc McStuffins doctors table and doctor kit), and her scooter.


Re: 3 year old girl birthday gift ideas

Juliet loves dolls, doll clothes, and doll paraphernalia (carrier, stroller, etc.).  She loves bags and things to carry "treasures" in like a little Dora backpack, a Frozen lunchbox, a princesses lunchbox, and a decorative tin.  She keeps rearranging her treasures into the different containers as she comes across more treasures. 

Metal tricycles, balance beam (a 2x6 and some support legs), hula hoops (not to actually hula hoop, but to use in other ways), a scooter with a wide base and 3-4 wheels, hippety hop, beads to string, plastic tool kit, wooden puzzles with about 12-15 pieces, jack-in-the-box, musical instruments (recorder, harmonica, simple stuff like that) and stuffies as big as her are the favorites around here.   

Both my kids absolutely love magna tiles.  They're expensive, but a good investment.  They also like imaginative stuff, like big boxes, bubble wrap, stuff to build a fort (old sheets, flashlights, spare pillow or bean bag chair are popular), art supplies (paper, scissors, markers, crayons, stickers), and a gardening kit (seeds, soil, pots, and watering can).


Re: 3 year old girl birthday gift ideas

At this age I started her on some of the leap frog learning toys. One helped teach reading and writing the alphabet, another focused on word combinations.  All were big hits!


Re: 3 year old girl birthday gift ideas

The same issue. Need cute present ideas for Christmas!