Topic: trying for sibling, donor 2408

hi.  we have a 2.5 year old daughter from 2408.  my wife wants to try for a sibling.  2408 is no longer donating.  does anyone have any specimens they are willing to sell us?

Re: trying for sibling, donor 2408

I wish I would have looked at this sooner!!! We had 3 vials of 2408 destroyed last summer.  Did you find some?  We had a son in March 2014. Sounds like your daughter is almost the same age!

Re: trying for sibling, donor 2408

Wow, funny how life works. I had completely forgotten posting on here. Only went to look up 2408, because we had just reported a pregnancy with a different donor. And you replied only just a few weeks ago!

Yep sounds like it. She turns 4 in just under two weeks. Are you on the sibling registry? We've been talking about sending out an email to folks listed on there.