Topic: Legal protection for our children.

My PSA for same sex mommas- I don't know how many of you are legally married, and I don't know how many non-bio moms are on their kids birth certificates, and I don't know how many non-bio moms have legally adopted their children, but this is for you.

  In light of recent events and uncertainty about the future, I want to urge every unmarried same sex couple who has children (I know there are a lot of you out there) to get yourselves to a courthouse to get a marriage certificate, and then every non-bio mom get thee to a lawyer to adopt your children.  Here is some more food for thought- prior to NATIONAL marriage equality, the non-bio mom of legally married same sex couples (state recognized) was urged to adopt her children, even if she was listed on the birth certificate.  As you may remember, this was because adoption is a federal order, and there was concern that states who did not recognize same sex marriage did not have to recognize the non biological mother even when listed on a state issued birth certificate. However, those states who did not recognize same sex marriage did have to recognize a federal adoption order.  In light of recent events, is a state issued birth certificate listing a married same sex couple as the parents of a child, enough  to protect the non biological mother if marriage recognition returns to the individual state, or if marriage equality is abolished?  It may be worth it to consult a lawyer and find what you can do to protect your legal relationship (for your particular state) with your child now. 

It is not worth it to wait to see what is going to happen. Hopefully nothing, but the inconceivable has already started happening.    Get your advance medical directives in place, get your will and trust done, and make sure your children are protected.  Please share this with any other same sex parents who are in this situation.

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Re: Legal protection for our children.

peppyjd - so true.  As a single mother I don't have to worry (yet, God know they could come after us too should they feel so inclined) but this breaks my heart for so many I know (and immigrants, muslims and on and on).  I hope everyone will heed this advice but that it won't be necessary in the long run.