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I kinda lurk on this forum and respond here and there but I haven't posted in ages.   The kiddos are now 9,7,5&3!  They are a handful but so awesome, each in their own way.  Here are a few pics of my tribe.



December 2016 Ages 9,7,5 & 3

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You have an adorable tribe!!!


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Oh my goodness... they are so gorgeous!!

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It's always nice to see your updates and how big the kids are getting. Mine are very close to your oldest two and remember our baby stories unfolding at the same times. They look great and are getting so big! Not really babies anymore!
This past year we discovered Jack has ADHD inattentive type along with some other learning challenges, which has made me go back on this site and read older posts on this topic. Feingold didn't work for us, but we are seeing significant success on medication along with therapies and tutoring this year. How are you guys doing with your kids on this front?
Happy 2017!



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Wow have your children grown. They are all so beautiful.

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They are all so beautiful

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