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Hello everyone. Please excuse my typos I'm using voice text, I just wanted to know if anybody had good advice on how to explain donor conception to their child. Our son is only 18 months old but we want to let him know early on so there are no surprises or any mysteries . Can anybody suggest any good books for same-sex couples and donor conception any advice would be great! Thank you! Also please feel free to tell me how you told your older children. Thank you!

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Zak's Safari is a book for donor conceived kids with 2 moms. Our daughter is only 20 months old so we haven't talked to her about it but we have the book for when she is old enough.

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There was always talk of the donor from day 1.  It took years before there was any question of exactly how the donor "donated".  We explained it as you need male and female cells to make a baby.  He donated his cells so we could grow the baby.  Our oldest is 9 and so far that is still a completely satisfying answer for everyone.
We have the Zak's safari book as well.  It is cute smile

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