Topic: 6 vials of donor 5341 for discounted sale

I finally, at the ripe old age of post-40, have met the man of my dreams and am hoping to conceive via him. I have 6 vials of donor 5341, who is a good-looking caucasian/fair-colored gentleman. All vials are ICI, and I'm looking to sell them. Please feel free to message me if you are interested. I also have childhood photos as a bonus.

Here is his information:
Donor Code: 5341
Ethnic Origin: French, German, Russian
Blood Type: O Positive
Hair Color: Brown
Type of Hair: Straight
Thickness of Hair: Thick
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion Relative to Race: Medium
Bone Structure: Medium
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195
Handedness: Left-Handed
CMV Status (All donors test CMV-IgM Negative): Negative
Vision: Excellent, does not wear lenses
Hearing: Excellent
Dentition: Excellent, no orthodontia required
Allergies: Phenergan
Hospitalization: None known
Alcohol Usage: Does drink alcohol; 0-3 Drinks per week
Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke
Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.

If interested, message me.

Re: 6 vials of donor 5341 for discounted sale

Hello again,
The listing above is now again viable and these vials are up for sale. Please message me if you are interested, and GOOD LUCK on this often insane journey! ))