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I'm just wondering if anyone here might have completed a second parent adoption in Texas anytime in the recent past? Can you give me insight on the process? Can both parents go on the birth certificate at birth prior to it be completed?

We did our other children in Florida so we aren't familiar with the process here and kind of wanted an idea of what to expect. We are going to see a lawyer next week, but I wanted to get an idea beforehand.

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We did a second parent adoption in December 2014. Things may have changed. I couldn't be on the birth certificate, but after the adoption, we could file to amend the original. In 2014, it was advised by my legal firm to adopt in San Antonio because they could cherry pick the judge there, which cannot be done where I am. It was super easy. We just showed up and signed papers in court with several other LGBT couples.

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Re: Second Parent Adoption

Not second parent adoption but I was added to our 4 month old's birth certificate at his birth. The form let us pick how we'd be listed. Went with Mother and Mother. We also amended our daughters 2014 birth certificate pretty easily by printing off the form and mailing it in. Went with "Mother" and "Parent" for that one...wish I could change them to match, but that's a little thing. It took a few months to get it back, but there was no hassle. There was a court case in Texas, I believe, not long after the marriage equality ruling that required Texas to list same sex parents on birth certificates.