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Had a non-stress test yesterday and it went well, besides Brooke wanting to knock the heart monitor off constantly. Such a wiggle butt. They only needed two movements in 30 minutes and needless to say we definitely surpassed that.

Growth scan: she is head down weighing in at 6lbs2oz but I know weight isn't always accurate.

I have another growth scan July 17th but OB made a remark he thinks she'll be out before then. LOL

Just can't believe we're almost to the end.

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So glad things are going well for you and you'll be meeting your baby soon!

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The last month is the LONGEST LOL. Congrats guys!

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I'm glad everything is going well! Congrats!!!!! She will be here before you know it!

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It's a girl!!! Genetic testing came back and everything is good!

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Oh so close!

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Update, update! Lol

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I was wondering the same thing. I keep checking in here to see if baby has arrived.