Topic: Constant skin-to-skin

So...if Brooke isn't stuck to my boob or to either of our chests, she won't sleep/nap. Sister-in-law gave me her wrap and Brooke freaked out when we tried to put her in it so that's a no go. If we try and lay her down, within 10 mins or so she's awake.

Our friend got us a stuffed hedgehog that gives off a lavender scent to calm babies and you can heat it up. We've tried using it many times and still does nothing.

Any suggestions? We LOVE all the snuggles but there's times where we need our arms or a break to shower lol and have run out of ideas.

Re: Constant skin-to-skin

My daughter was the same way. She slept on my chest for the first 8 weeks. One night I was so tired and she started fussing as soon as I put her in her swing so I pulled my shirt off and laid it next to her and she passed out! I was shocked. So for months after that she would sleep with one of my shirts. I would even put a litt breast milk on it. It had to be a shirt I had worn too. Also I only would lay a shirt next to her when she was swaddled and couldn't pull it over her face. I would keep trying the wrap too.  Mine wasn't too fond of it either at first but she got used to it. Good luck!! Those baby cuddles go so fast! smile

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