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Topic: Donor 877

I have been waiting and looking for Donor 877 and keep missing the release due to work.  I have a young child from donor 877 and have wanted to have another sibling using the same donor.  My wife and I are upset that every time the vials are released we are unable to purchase any due to our work schedules and keep missing the chance to have a second child with the same donor.  We were hoping someone out here doesn't need all the vials they have and are willing to resell them.  We are hopeful someone will read this and answer back.

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Re: Donor 877

I'm still looking for any 877 vials that are for sale.........  we are so wanting a sibling for our child with the same donor.  Please if there is anyone out there willing to sell donor 877 vials message us back.  Thank you

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Re: Donor 877

Are you on the sibling registry? You could email/call one of the families to see if anyone have any extra.

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