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Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing well.

Tomorrow I have my baseline ultrasound and Thursday I start on my meds for IVF. Last week my RE found a polyp that needs to be removed. They cant get me in for the removal until the end of November, three weeks after my egg retrieval even though the doctor originally told me he would like to do it one week after. Does anyone know how long after polyp removal the FET may be? I feel like everything keeps getting pushed back.

Is it even possible to not be stressed during this whole process? LOL!

Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: FET after polyp removal

I had a small septum along with a polyp removed 3 months prior to starting the IVF meds. The healing was quick though. In your case I would do the FET 2 months after the egg retrieval. I also had to wait one cycle after doing IVF because my RE was out of the country. Initially I was upset I had to wait, but then in the end I'm glad it turned out that way (my IVF was in June and FET in August). IVF is stressful on the body. I'm really glad I didn't have a fresh cycle, but a FET instead and with a month break inbetween. That way my body had some time to detox and recover from the IVF process. Good luck with your IVF soon! It's completely normal for things to get pushed back a little when it comes to IVF. I have heard many stories like that, myself included. But hang in there. When you look back one day you see it was worth it and the way it was supposed to be.

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Re: FET after polyp removal

Waits are soo hard. You want your body to be in best possible shape to give you the greatest chance. I wish you so much luck. Find some project to focus on to help the does help..a little.

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Alcd39-   I am in almost the exact boat that you’re in! My insurance pushed my IVF back while I had to complete a hysteroscopy. As it turns out, there was a polyp in there. So I’m starting my retrieval meds just 3 days behind you (hopefully no more cancelled cycles) and will see when the polyp removal will happen.

How did your RE find the polyp?

Re: FET after polyp removal

My RE did a saline sonogram to check the inside of my uterus. So now I am scheduled for surgery on November 27th. I went in for my baseline ultrasound and blood work yesterday and they told me the polyp removal should not push anything back and I should be good for a December transfer date.

We can be IVF buddies! smile

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Re: FET after polyp removal

I was reeeeeeally needing an IVF buddy!????

I’ll find out more about what will happen with my polyp this week.

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Did you start your meds this weekend? Today is day 5 for me and so far so good. Went in for an ultra sounds this morning and they said everything looks good and they may actually reduce my dosage of menopur and follistim. Hope all is well with you!

Re: FET after polyp removal

I started them Sunday and went in for my first check since starting them. So far so good.

But they told me that I’ll have to wait until after my next 2 cycles to do the polypectomy, then go another cycle for healing before the transfer. So now it’s looking like a transfer date in Feb... so frustrating!!!

Re: FET after polyp removal

It blows my mind how differently everyone's RE's do things. My RE wanted to remove my polyp the week after retrieval. I happen to be out of town that week so the soonest we could do was three weeks later on November 27th. Then they said they can do a December transfer. It just seems like everything can be so different. Makes me stress my RE is the one not doing it right. Then again, I am stressing about ever little tiny things now even though I shouldn't be.

I went in for my day 8 ultrasound and blood work this morning. They measured 14 good size follicles and counted 12 more medium to large ones. I think thats good...

Glad to hear you are off to a good start. I have to keep reminding myself its worth the wait but its so dang hard!

Re: FET after polyp removal

It’s funny, because I was just thinking that you seem to be moving forward and doing better than I am! I guess that’s just how we look at these things! I am frustrated that I can’t do a December transfer like you are! My doc says we have to do one round of BC immediately post polypectomy “for healing”.

I have about 10 coming along nicely. They anticipate that for the retrieval at least. But I have one good ovary and one with a lovely big cyst on it. That side is only cooking up 2 follicles. Fortunately, they can drain the cyst while they do the retrieval! I’m VERY excited about that!

So much for having an IVF buddy, but I’ll be following your progress all they way, so keep us posted!