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Anyone had any success (like a term healthy pregnancy) with Donor 241R?

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I would like to hear of a success as well. I tried this donor for the first time last month (2 ICI vials). It was a chemical pregnancy. For the record, I have been diagnosed with DOR at the early age of 33, so I'm not sure what impact that has on quality from my end. I will probably try this donor a few more times as I really like his profile. Good luck!

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Thanks for replying.

Hope it is successful for you the next try.  I will try in a few months when my doctor clears me ( I am still getting tests run) . I had a miscarriage with my last ICI attempt after 6 weeks so (different donor than 241R) I feel like changing the donor would be better for my peace of mind. I like this donor too!

Keep me posted on your status hope all goes well for you.


Re: Donor 241R Success?

Hi there,
I'm really sorry to hear you had a chemical, swtsun1. I had a miscarriage from this donor. If you haven't already, I would suggest you report the chemical with NWCryo. At this point I am leery to continue to try with him with both of our experiences and the lack of positives reported sad I'm hoping that you reporting it will help NWCryo if it is indeed the sperm that's an issue.