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We are officially one week out from our FET. I was just wondering if there is any tips anyone would recommend for the next week? Certain foods? Exercise?


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Just checking in to see how it went? Did you have any appointments prior to FET? I’m looking at early/mid Feb for mine....

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Everything went well. We are 2dp5dt and transferred one 5aa embryo. As soon as we were done the doctor said congratulations your three and a half weeks pregnant. He must be pretty confident to say that to someone who has struggled with infertility for several years. Either way he is still an amazing doctor that comment just caught me by surprise. My wife and I are both feeling pretty confident as well. We did have one appointment one week before fet for a baseline. This was the day before I started progesterone. February will be here before you know it! Thanks for checking in!

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Yay! Fx for you!