Topic: Pregnant Before LH Surge?

another question (sorry!), is it possible to be recently pregnant (within a week) before seeing your LH surge on the OPK?

I've read different things. I know some people can still have a LH surge even if what they are feeling are early pregnancy symptoms (like very early). But then continue to use the OPK and it tests peak/positive days after insemination/sex?

Re: Pregnant Before LH Surge?

It depends where you are in your cycle.
If you just had a period and you are seeing you lh surge than no you can't be pregnant because you haven't ovulated.  The lh surge only tests that ovulation is about to happen. Doctors aren't even for sure ovulation has happened for you unless they test your progesterone or see it on an ultrasound. Some women have varying amounts (LH)  in their system throughout your cycle. Like women with PCOS. If you are past ovulation in your cycle and are close to your period you might see elevated lh surge because it mimics hcg and the line can appear darker because of early pregnancy.
I would wait until about two weeks after you think you ovulated and test. The best way is to wait until your period is late. ( I am an early tester so that would be hard for me.)
Hope that helps.

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