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Hi. Sorry so many questions. I have my first attempt in a few days. Tank comes in tomorrow.

For ICI do you inseminate with syringe, take out syringe, then use a soft cup.

Or do most deposit the goods directly into the soft cup, and then insert that.

My worry is inserting the softcup after putting the seimmers by my cervix is it can slosh some of them away?

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I think most inseminate first and then after that add the softcup. I myself have never used the softcup and always just tried to get the syringe as close to the cervix as possible. I've always thought that if you put the swimmers into the soft cup, they stay on the bottom of it and can't swim up the plastic. But I don't know if that's true. Good luck with your first try!

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Hi! Firstly, I just wanted to say no worries with several questions. I'm brand new here too (first time) and have many similar questions.

I just used the syringe. I did lots of research and found (personally) that the Soft Cup wasn't for me. I just stayed propped up for a hour and got the syringe as close as possible without touching. I also used pre-seed before hand too. Many people advised having an orgasm right after and I did that as well.

I'm hoping it worked. I'm in my TWW.

Good luck to you!!!

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I inseminate w syringe near cervix, hips up, orgasm, put in cup before I get up. leave in for 6-12 hrs.

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Thank you all!