Topic: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I'm 5 past ovulation, and I know that's VERY early. But right after I began to notice several things I haven't before. Without using TMI, sudden soreness of breasts/color darkening, cramping (pelvic area), frequent urination, and large appetite increase/stronger sense both bad and good when it comes to food. I've never had these symptoms before.

I'm one of those blessed ladies whom has never experienced PMS or cramping/pain/etc during my period. So this isn't typical for me. It's actually very strange.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Re: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I wish you luck. Hopefully your first try works for you

It mighy be that you are more aware of your body’s and how you feel.

I was sure I would get pregnant really easily.  I would symptom watch and wonder for the first several attempts. Always sure I was experiencing symptoms and getting excited. After a while and several disappointments I stopped paying too close of attention. During my successful cycle the only thing I noticed was implantation spotting the day before my positive test.

TTC attempt 1: ICI Dec 2015 BFN/Attempt 2-3 IUI Jan&April 2016 BFN/Attempt 4: 1ICI 1 IUI May 2016 BFN/Attempt 5-7: ICI-June, Sept, Nov 2016 BFN/Attempt 8-9 iui April 2017 BFN.
May 2017 IUI BFP!!!!