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I was lucky enough to get pregnant on my second try with donor 850R. I have a healthy 8 month baby boy and am debating on trying for number two with the same donor next year. I am a single mom who decided I had waited long enough to start my family and decided to do it on my own.

I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and how much harder it is to be a single mom of two? How far apart did you space yours? I'm currently planning a 2 year age gap.

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I’m a single mom of one right now as well. I am hoping to start in April or May for my second and last baby. My littl girl will be 10 months when I start again. I go back and forth on Of I want to try that early though lol.

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I am a single mother who used a donor for my now 9 year old daughter. I we t back and forth for years about having a second and ultimately decided not to. I’m perfectly happy with our little family but she really wishes she had a sibling which is no longer an option at 45! She’s asking about adoption now. If it’s what you really want and you can handle it financially, emotionally and every other “-ally” then go for it. I have no regrets but each person has to decide what’s best for their family.

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I hope things have worked out well for everyone in this thread!  I’m a single mom of two little girls via NWCB, they are exactly two years apart!  My youngest is almost a year old.  I’m really happy that my girls will have each other.  I never had siblings but always wanted them.  I miss them even more now, I think, because I have no “ in laws” either. 

Honestly, two tiny kids is difficult as a single parent.  It was more jarring than the move from no children to one child.  So happy I did it, but I feel the lack of that second adult when they are having a meltdown or we are venturing out into public.  You have to adjust to the fact that you can’t give both kids 100% of your time, like you could with one.  My older daughter has had a rough time with that.  BUT, she’s starting to have a playmate now with her little sis, and that is filling some of that gap.  It’s worth it, but it can be overwhelming at first!  Best of luck!

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i think 2 is fine. the most shocking is going from none to 1. truly. but 2 can actually be easier at times since they play together or the older one can help out as they grow.
as a single child myself, I hated being alone and wished I had a sibling. as a mother of several children but with NO family, I really needed to have a sibling to deal with the death of parents and being so "alone" in the world besides my children (I made my own family)

I would say do it.