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Topic: 5 vials 2744- under $1000.

Very reluctantly letting go of my vials after finally deciding that I am 1 and done.
I have 3 IUI and 2 IVF-ICI vials available.

Counts were well above guaranteed amount and all families that I know of had success on their first try- including myself. I have photos and extended profile.

Email me!

General Information
Donor Code: 2744
Ethnic Origin: Dutch, English, German, Irish, Portuguese, Scottish, Welsh
Blood Type: A Negative
Hair Color: Blond
Type of Hair: Wavy
Thickness of Hair: Thick
Eye Color: Green
Complexion Relative to Race: Fair
Bone Structure: Small
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
Handedness: Right-Handed

Re: 5 vials 2744- under $1000.

Message sent smile

Re: 5 vials 2744- under $1000.

Sending email in case available.

Re: 5 vials 2744- under $1000.

Will email in case still available.