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Topic: How to vial transfer?

I have a situation where I have one vial that is in my RE’s freezer that I no longer need. Have any of you ever done a sort of transfer for vials stored at the doc’s office? When I asked, my office does not have any type of mass donation storage. I’d be willing to gift it to anyone that uses that office (in Denver). Given the time and money we all put into this, I hate to see it get thrown out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I was wondering how transfers work as well. Which donor are u looking to sell?

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Sorry, I didn’t see this!

I’m selling 156R (3 ivfiui vials and transfer fee for $500 total)

The vial I’m willing to donate (logistics pending) is 9319

Re: How to vial transfer?

Still available? Olelilies@yahoo.com