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I attempted my first at home ICI last month and ended up with a BFN. I used the CBD-OPK then too while using the GLOW fertility app. I've tracked my cycle for a year religiously so I know when Im close to ovulation.

Last month I got no smiley, then a flashing smiley (LH high) for 2 and a half days, and then my solid smiley (LH peak). I inseminated on the last flashing smiley day, and first day of solid smiley.

This month, I tested with OPK 1/20 and 1/21 with no smiley whatsoever. I was getting anxious because I already have my dewar here, and assumed ovulation would happen this week. Well this morning I took the OPK and it went straight to a SOLID SMILEY. So I assume to inseminate tonight and tomorrow (I have 2 vials).

Is it odd to go from no surge at all to a peak surge in 24 hours?

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I have had a cycle where I never got a flashing smiley or high fertility and then went straight to peak. It just means you get your estrogen surge with your lh surge instead of a little before.
Good luck! Hope this one is the one.

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Good luck! Baby dust your way!!