Topic: Progesterone Tests

Has anyone used the at home progesterone tests to confirm ovulation? My wife's BBT chart is a little all over the place and ovulation was detected by FF early, but she hadn't even gotten her peak yet.  We waited to insem when she had her peak (~12/24 hours after) but there's not a clear ovulation pattern after.  I think I might see where it did happen, but FF hasn't picked up on it yet and I'm kind of new to this.  She tries to temp at the same time every morning, but we have a 10 month old puppy who is up and down all night and is pretty disruptive to our sleep patterns, and I have alarms set for 2 different times as work starts different times for me on M/W/F and T/Th so that makes it a little more difficult as well.

Anyway, I ordered the progesterone tests and she tested this morning as it's 7 days before next cycle.  It was high.  Not even a faint line that would indicate lower levels of Progesterone.  So according to this, she did ovulate this month.  She doesn't get the o-pains like I do, so it's harder to tell with her.

Just curious if others had used them?