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My husband died a few years ago, just when we were getting ready to TTC our second.  I couldn't process selling the vials back then, but am ready now.  Posting to a few forums as well as our donor facebook group.  If no interest in the next week or so, I'll try to sell back to NWCB.

Thank you so much,

Tracy 40 and Michael 41
Vasectomy long before "us", then a reversal in 2008
It was barely effective, eventually went to zero and we moved onto donor IUI
8/8/10: Single vial unmedicated IUI (donor 1855) by midwife in birth center, 42hours after +OPK, on day of ovulation...and 9ish months later, we had our wonderful daughter!  Beginner's luck!
Hoping to TTC again soon with donor 1855 if we can get additional vials

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Interested. Do you have the profile and childhood photos for 1855?

Re: Donor 1855 IUI vials for sale

Still available?