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Topic: Trying for 1 more

Hi Everyone,

My biological children are now 5 and 8. I've also been raising my 6 year old nephew for the past 1.5 years and am in the process of adopting him...I currently have permanent guardianship of him because of my sister's death and his absent drug addicted father. I've decided that I really want one more biological child, so I'm going to start trying in July.

I saw my RE a week ago and all my testing came out great. I have two vials of my daughter's donor left and would to have a full sibling for her. So I'm going to try with those vials first. We are going to try what worked last time, so Clomid, Trigger Shot, IUI procedure, and Progesterone.

I'm very excited to be joining this side of the forum again. I just started taking my basal body temperature and purchased a box of ovulation kits so I can track my cycle a bit better.



Re: Trying for 1 more

Good luck!