Topic: 10 weeks pregnant using 410z

Hello all! I am happily 10 weeks pregnant, after doing two 12-hour apart IUIs with donor 410z. We had been trying to get pregnant with 241r, (we tried for 4 cycles) and had a chemical pregnancy with that donor. I  didn't think to change up the donor until I had read that others suggested it, just for the peace of mind. So thank you ladies! Apparently all it took was one cycle of a new donor! smile

If anyone else has babies or is pregnant with this donor, I am really interested and curious! I see we have at least one possible 410z baby- and I'm sure there are others out there- this donor sells out so fast!

Re: 10 weeks pregnant using 410z

Hi! Congratulations!
I sold back 241R because I was too scared to use him after reading about all the miscarriages and chemicals from him.
Keep us updated on your baby! Excited to know the gender.
I won't know for some time if mine is from 8843 or 410Z. September if we can tell from blood type or later until I can get a good swab off of him!  If our donor is indeed 410Z I'd love to keep in touch. :-) Diblings! lol

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