Topic: How to keep calm?

This is my first pregnancy.
I haven't experienced any losses thus far (thank God).
However, I do have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. ALL I DO IS WORRY!
I am on the app Glow, that helped me track ovulation and there is a community of boards where people share their BFP, announcements, struggles, seek advice, etc. There are also so many stories of loss and heart ache.
I cannot stop myself from worrying about EVERYTHING.
I am so worried about a miscarriage, or missed miscarriage, stillbirth, etc, etc.
I'm 18w and have my anatomy scan in a few days and I am so paranoid. I am so worried that I don't feel baby often, but some days I am (almost) certain it's the baby moving/fluttering.
I'm in therapy, and share all this with my therapist. She actually has had a loss, and she understands and is incredibly supportive of all my concerns.
I don't know how else to calm the heck down. I so badly want to just get private ultrasounds ( I have had 3 via the fertility dr/ob) or buy a fetal doppler to lower anxiety. But, saving that money is so important.

Any advice?

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Re: How to keep calm?

A loss at this point for you is less than 1%. Take a deep breath you will be okay.
The anxiety doesn’t go away necessarily I’m afraid it does and can become less intense. If you are feeling flutters that’s great. I think it’s okay to trust in the process and trust your body. Even if it’s just a mantra you say and done feel or mean yet.
Try meditation or some prenatal yoga.
I had a meltdown at work today and I nearly started crying in front of my kids and it wasn’t until my doctor called me that I settled down. (Usually it’s the nurses but it was him today.)  And the kid is kicking me hard but I still worry. The anxiety is from here until there’s a baby in yours arms to throughout  your child’s life.
I use the Doppler when I feel anxious and it’s a security blanket. I also work on breathing deeply. Relaxing music seems to help in general.
I’ll also  take an epsom salt  bath with  a little lavender oil  and try to relax.
You will be okay. Congratulations you are almost half way there :-)

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Re: How to keep calm?

Hi Tealbow,

I hear you!  I am a therapist(!), and I know my own anxiety too well.  It's difficult to shut it off.  I'm only a few days into my pregnancy (confirmed it with 2nd beta yesterday), and already, I'm just wrecked and can't sleep thinking of all the possibilities.

I agree with Yogibaby that it can be helpful to focus on your odds - because those odds are absolutely on your side. And to trust your body and follow the signs that all is well and healthy.

I'm coming to realize that this is parenting - that parents worry - and that this is our first chance to figure out how to navigate that worry.  Maybe it helps to see it as a warm up? wink