Topic: Can ICI samples go just inside the cervix?

I know that ICI samples are not supposed to be injected into the cervix using a catheter because they are unwashed. However, I have seen people on other forums posting that they injected ICI samples just inside the cervix, which I assume means lining the tip of the syringe up with the opening of the cervix, so that some/most of the sample drips directly into the cervix but doesn't go past the cervical mucus that is required to "wash" the seminal fluids away. I figure at some point the seminal fluid has to enter the cervix anyways, so why not put it there to start with.

Has anybody done ICI this way? My dewar will be here on Monday (just one vial) and of course, I want to have the best chance possible at conceiving on the first try. But I don't want to mess anything up, either.

Re: Can ICI samples go just inside the cervix?

IVI is injecting the sperm into the vagina. ICI is injecting the sperm directly onto the os of the cervix. You're correct that the mucus would wash the sperm. IUI is when you use a long catheter and inject directly into the uterus which can only be done with washed sperm.