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Topic: Fed Ex delays on 6/29--Please help!!

I'm panicking! I got my blinking smiley face this morning. My order was shipped overnight and should have been here (Texas) by 10:30 this morning, but the shipping info says it's stuck at FedEx in Memphis due to weather. It's 3:10 pm here. If it's not delivered until Monday, it will be a waste of $1300 because I'm sure I'll ovulate tomorrow or Sunday. Does anyone have any suggestions? Will I at least be able to ship it back for the $90 restocking fee? Thank you!

Re: Fed Ex delays on 6/29--Please help!!

How did this work out for you??

Re: Fed Ex delays on 6/29--Please help!!

I realize this is a few days old but for the sake of people looking at this in the future I'll answer. I also had a timing issue one cycle and had to return my dewar. I paid the restocking fee after emailing NWCryobank to let them know that it was coming back with the sperm still in the tank.