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Hi everyone! Guess what?!?!? We just got our vial today! ????

We went with one vial due to the cost, will be getting two next month if this month doesn’t work.

Our plan is to inseminate 8-12 hours after we get my positive OPK. (I usually ovulate within 24-30 hours of my LH surge)

We are using a soft cup and preseed to aid in conceiving. (We heard preseed can help the little swimmers live longer) 

I have 100% regular cycle, never late, and I have never spotted. I am hoping I am fertile like my mom and sister. (Mom had three kids and my sister has had one)

Does this sound like an okay plan???

Been planning this little miracle baby for over a year now. It’s finally time to start ttc! Yayyyy ????????

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That sounds good!!!!  Sending lots of sticky dust!!!

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Thank you! ????

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Did you inseminate yet? How did it go?

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I haven’t yet, been taking ovulation test, I think I am almost there! What do you think?!?!?
Crap! Idk how to post a pic of my ovulation tests on here

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Figured it out! What do you think? I am going to test again at 10pm tonight and again in the morning.