Topic: First TWW + timing

So I tracked my ovulation, which was like two days late this month. (I swear my body knew I had a vial of sperm at my it was like we are gonna wait for another two days before giving you a positive Opk)

Anyways, on 8/15/18 I finally got a dark opk at 7 am though it wasn’t quite a positive. By 11am it was for sure positive!!! So we decided to Inseminate at 10pm on 8/15/18.

We read that it was good to inseminate about 12+ hours after first positive OPK. It’s our first month and I have a super regular 30 day cycle. So we decided to try one vial.

Anyways, we used preseed and a soft cup. We put preseed in me and in the cup, then added the swimmers to the cup and put it directly around my cervix. I did elevate my hips for about 20 min then went to bed.

The next morning I had a temp rise  by .7 degrees! And it has stayed up for the past three days. So I know I ovulated sometime on the 15th (or in the very early morning of the 16th.)

However on the 16th I had the worst cramps all day long. It was different than usual O cramps. It felt tight and felt like it pulled down from my belly button... weird for me anyways.

Haven’t felt much the last two days except mild cramping. Though my nipples were on fire for about two hours today (also weird for me)... I understand it’s to early for symptoms, but it’s never happened to me before) they are still tender to the touch.

I think I am 3 DPO today. And am in the beginning of my very first two week wait. Hoping for a BFP!!!!!

Hopefully the timing sounds okay! What do you think???

Re: First TWW + timing

you very well could have implanted RIGHT after you ovulated.  most will say its not possible but thats how I got my last child. I had implantation pains at 2dpo and a + by 8dpo. with another child I had the pains at 5dpo and a + at 11dpo.

fingers crossed for you!! I hope you get your + in a week smile

Re: First TWW + timing

Thank you!!! This wait is killing me!!  That makes me so hopeful!!!