Topic: Donors of the Week - Save 15% Off!

Receive 15% off your purchase of vials for these donors until midnight, 9/17/18. Call our office (800) 786 - 5251 to place your order today!

Donor 243
5'11", 190 lbs, Black Eyes, Black Hair
Race / Ethnicity: Chinese

Donor 605
5'9", 135 lbs, Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair
Race / Ethnicity: Croatian, English, French, German, Serbian

Re: Donors of the Week - Save 15% Off!

Ok so this sale has got to be a sign. I have had it on my mind to try and have one more with 243 for a couple months and finally verbalized this the first time to someone and came here to post on the board and his vials are on sale. Ummm, ok I think that is what I might have needed to make a decision.