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This month my wife and I have switched it up while waiting to get her into the Fertility Clinic.
We switched donors and I am attempting to get pregnant this cycle.

I tracked my cycle more in depth last month than previously, and did my first inseminations last night and this morning. 

I generally have a 23-24 day cycle, but last month was a little different - most likely due to being in a different environment for work - and I had a 27 day cycle.

This month, I was on 50mg Clomid and I've been extremely bloated for about a week.  I started OPK testing on the 5th and got my peak yesterday morning at 6:30.  I had planned to do insemination at home at 18 hours past positive/peak OPK and then the IUI with our midwife at 36 hours.  We ended up doing the at home insem at 15 hours and I had a weird feeling about waiting for 36, since my peak tends to be rather short lived.  We decided to test again this morning, and my OPK was low so we went ahead and went to the midwife for the IUI this morning.

So, although I've been through this with my wife 7 times, I am officially in my first TWW.  I'm not good at being patient and waiting to test when it wasn't me, so I can only imagine how crazy this wait is going to be.  (I always asked her to start testing way too early!)

What are ways you ladies get through the TWW?

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@2HopefulMommies awww so excited for your news! And excited for your Wife to go to a Fertility doctor. Sending stucky baby dust your way. I just try so hard not to think about the TWW window. I keep busy by going out and enjoying time with my Wife and kids. Catching up on shows or books. Next time I try will be my 5th cycle. I started June of last year at the clinic had test run and everything is fine. Seems like timing was my issue. And I believe fresh sperm will be better for me since it lives longer. So I will be doing AI the next cycle that I try.

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Do you already have a KD? I’m excited for you to try again.

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@2HopefulMommies yes we found one online. He has alot of success. With AI and shipping. We're doing shipping. I'm done spending all this money on frozen. My other kids came from fresh sperm. Thank you. I will keep you inform when we get out BFP and try again. Best wishes on your BFP I'm exciting for you guys!! And with known donor I can try every month if need be. With frozen I was only able to try twice a year with a RE so expensive.