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Has anyone had success doing an ici with the IUI/IVF sperm?

I’ve been using IUI (because there is no ici available with the donor we want)

But with the new fallsavings discount we could get 4 of the IUI/Ivf vials compared to only two of the IUI.

What should I do?? Get two IUI vials... or four of the IUI/IVF vials.

This is our third cycle trying (I think we inseminated too early the first two tries.) we are going to try hitting the end of the lh surge. 6, 12, And 18 hours post Positive OPK didn’t work.

So four would allow us to do 24, 30, 36, & 40 (or 20 not sure which one we would do yet)

Or use the IUI at 24 & 36???

Help please!!!!

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I have heard of success with these vials in the past. Personally, we did buy one as it was one of three left of our donor, so we did have intentions of using it. However, we got pregnant using one of the other vials first and it never came down to it. If you’re set on the donor, I’d use it. Good luck!