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Topic: First time TTC

Hello All! My name is Jolene and my wife and I are expecting our first delivery tomorrow and are super excited and also getting nervous since we're expecting our first snow storm in PA too, but I'm only going to try and think positively. I feel like I've read every post here and watched and read everything on the internet for months so quasi confident but always open for advice. I've been tracking for several months but I think because we were getting closer and I was exercising and eating really well i ovulated on CD 16 last month instead of regular 13.. but I'm trying to calm down on exercising and my nerves and hope for the best. I'm 34 and this would be my first attempt.. the tank arrives on my CD 10 and id have through CD16 so fingers crossed all goes well and I peak in between.. I'd be thankful for that on Thanksgiving! Thanks for letting me vent here.. even reading the forum has helped tremendously!!