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Topic: Waiting at the station...

We have been resting at the station for a while... but I just placed an order for delivery so we are hopping back on the train for the fall- hopefully we won't be riding all fall!  Our plan is Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec... hopefully one of those months will be the right one.  I have been out of the loop for so long and I am so excited about all the babies!  Mel's triplets!  Zen is almost due- how exciting!  Its good to be back on the tracks- good luck to everyone and lots of sparkly, sticky baby dust!

Try#3 @ home BFP 10/07 Miscarriage at 10w 12/07

Cycle #1 2008

cd 1   8-30-08
cd 20 Smiley & Peak on CBFM
         inseminated once at about 15 hours past +
cd 26 Very tired but that could be due to kicking caffiene!


Not sure if we are trying again next month or not, not sure I can do this right now...

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Holy Hannah- another year has passed by...  I, myself, not my husband, became completely negative about the entire baby making process and what not and as you can see took a year off!  But now with a new frame of mind and a new drive we are getting back into the process again! Yeah for us!  Our first attempt will be in september... clocking this month by... and hopefully we will get lucky!  Planning on doing several cycles (in order to not get our hopes up right away).  Wishing everyone lots of luck- lets make some babies!

Cycle #1 (2009)

CD 1    9/11/09
CD 13  The "goods" arrive today!
CD 19  CBFM Peak & Smiley- used one vial at approx. 14 hours past +
            the two week wait begins!
5dpo   97.0 Feeling ok, very tired... trying to stay relaxed and not feed into anything!
6dpo   95.6
7dp0   96.9
8dpo   96.8
9dpo   96.7
10dpo 96.4 Getting nervous, have been so positive but the negative is starting to rear its
           ugly self...
BFN on to next cycle hmm

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Cycle #2 (2009)

cd 1     10/10/09
cd 12   Swim Team has arrived...
cd 19   Today is the "day" big_smile  Using Emerita Progest Packets this cycle to extend LP
3 dpo   Feeling good about this cycle- lots of positive thoughts in our house right now!
8 dpo   Woke up last night with very sensitive ta-ta's...  tired...
9 dpo   Jumped the gun and tested- bfn, but it is really too early...

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Cycle #3 (2009)

cd 1     11/9/09
cd 22   Finally +opk
            Latest ovulation yet, but having lots of ovulation pain on right side this morning &
            EWCM,  will do insemination around 1am tonight (19hr past) and cross our fingers!
10dpo  Light brown on the tp this morning hmm  still holding out hope but have a feeling that
            auntie will be visiting tomorrow... bummed, going out for some retail therapy!!!

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Re: Waiting at the station...

cd 1 12/11/09
        Taking this cycle off, too much stress with christmas and entertaining.  Will start
        again in January, loving all the BFP's this month, hopefully all that good luck will
        keep spreading!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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Re: Waiting at the station...

We are going to be trying this month, now that the dreaded holidays (stress) is over!  October would be a good month to have a baby... the hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary...  big_smile

Cycle 1 (2010)

cd 1  1/12/10
         Order is placed and to be delievered on the 25th... hoping for ovulation to be clearly   
         pinpointed this month, unlike in november, which through me for a loop...
cd 22 2/2/10
         well so much for that perfect ovulation...  cd 21 pretty close to + but no smiley, ewcm
         that day and then ovulation cramps that night.  cd 22 still no smiley but looked less +,
         used the instead cup with preseed and wore for about 3 1/2 hours cd 22 AM...  hoping
         for the best tongue

36 day cycle- longest ever!!  Not very impressed with my body at this moment.  Going to plan on taking 2 months off, starting Vitex to see if it will help with my luteal phase.  Cutting out caffeine, alcohol and trying for refined sugar too...  hopefully my body with be in a little better shape.  Planning on May cycle...  Been a long time coming, whats a few more months big_smile

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Not sure what the above post is???  LOL

Anyways...  back in the ttc world once again.  I started taking vitex after the above 36 day cycle, for me it was not a good idea!  My following cycle was 66 days!  It was crazy and very unnerving when your in this world that require some regularity.  Decided to take some time off, relax and enjoy life, all of my cycles since then have been 32 days and I am feeling pretty good. 

cd 1  11/12/10
   swimmers to arrive 11/24/10
   expected ovulation 11/27-11/29  (cd 16-18)

cd 20  SMILEY!  A little later than expected but ended up with strep throat...
   iui at 10pm 13hr past +opk

12 dpo bfn

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Re: Waiting at the station...

cycle day 1 12/15/10

ordered swimmers 12/22/10, scheduled to arrive 12/30/10
     2 iui vials

cd14     +opk, smiley, peak!   Called NW for overnight shipment, lots of ovulation twinges- both sides & abundant ewcm
             (smiley at 6:30am, 4pm, 10:30pm averaging the times and using 3pm for timing)

cd 15    swimmers arrived today!  Yeah!  Peak this morning, but no smiley
             hoping this wacko cycle will be THE CYCLE!         
             iui #1 3pm   (24 hr past)
             iui #2 10pm (31 hr past) wanted to wait til 36 but was nervous about cervix closing, may have jumped the gun but 
             thinking our timing was really good this cycle, based on 6hr life for iui swimmers...

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Cycle day 1 1/10/11

cd 17 smiley at 10am and 6:30pm/ high on CBFM
cd 18 smilely and peak at 5:30am
          iui at 6am 20hr past +opk
          (new donor- fingers crossed!!!)

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Re: Waiting at the station...

TTC #4 (this round)

Cycle day 1

TTC #5

Cycle day 1
                 Taking March off, alot of stress at work, back in the game in April

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Re: Waiting at the station...

Cycle Day 1
     *ordering 3 vials this cycle, feeling confident after a month off- very excited!

     4/19 1st 9:30pm (10hr past)  ICI
     4/20 2nd 7:30am (20hr past) ICI
             3rd 10pm (34.5hr past)  IUI


Cycle Day 1